Returns a list of artists according to the specified criteria.


api_key (required) A RockPeaks API key.
letter (optional) The first letter of the artist name. Use "misc" for a non-letter.
show (optional) The name of the show to restrict artists by.
show_id (optional) The RockPeaks id of the show to restrict artists by.
genres (optional) Only include artists with one or more of the specified genres (comma separated).
page (optional) The page number to fetch. Defaults to 0 (first page).
limit (optional) The number of results to fetch per page. Defaults to 50.

Sample Request:<key>&show_id=21

Sample Response:

    <master_genre>Rock 'N Roll</master_genre>
      <genre>Punk Rock</genre>
      <genre>Jangle Pop</genre>
      <genre>Alternative Rock</genre>


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