API Introduction

The RockPeaks API allows anyone to incorporate RockPeaks data into their own applications on both desktop and mobile devices. Learn more below about how you can tap into the largest music video database on the web, or browse through the list of methods provided at left.


You will need a unique API Key in order to use the RockPeaks API. Click here to apply for an API Key.


API requests should use UTF-8 encoding.

Response Formats

Responses are either JSON or XML, with XML being the default. Response format can be specified using the optional format parameter, e.g.


JSONP requests are possible by specifying the JSON response format and supplying the callback parameter:


User Authentication

Some API methods require a sessid for an authenticated user. You can authenticate a user and obtain the sessid with the user.login API method.

Commercial Use

If you plan to use the RockPeaks API for a commercial service or product, please contact us first at biz@rockpeaks.com.

Attribution and Rate Control

You must credit RockPeaks in any use of our API data. Logos may be downloaded from this page.

Please respect rate limits in order to help us manage server and bandwidth costs. If you exceed morethan 100 calls per minute, your access to the service may be revoked and your API account terminated.

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