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Posted: 2007 09-14


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Zappillian Vaudeville in the Original Clubhouse

This is some sick shit.

First, dig it’s The Bottom Line, a barely 400 seat room that was just ... home.  A Village clubhouse for musicians and the in-touch few.  This clip’s when The Train They Call The City of Frank Zappa first pulled into this small station –– which just opened a few months earlier.  And many of these conductors became regulars at this stop over the following decade or two.

This is playful riffing in front of an intimate crowd of friends.  Fully ride the line, “This is the swingingest place in New York City.”  Appreciate the crunching bass and the horns off-screen.  And catch Frank’s classic “rancid Budweiser” line.

Dig that this is just "two vaudeville entertainers” in of one of Zappa’s least-jazzy phases -- but one of his most smile-inducing.  And here they’re having their way with it.

Of course, this is part of Zappa’s 'musical' of an oft-retold rock n roll tale, so don’t be put off by the gender-play, remembering everyone from Shakespeare to Monty Python used it.

This is a rock n roll gold mine uncovery.  A single gawd-bless-'im camera capturing history –– and the 'cinematographer' actually managed to edit in a second absurdly-close au-naturel front-row hand-held.

May the tiniest stages continue to yield the biggest performances.

YouTube Uploader: justanotherbrick

from a Flo And Eddie show at the Bottom Line

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