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Posted: 2006 11-21


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Early porno-fusion by the master of triple-X rock

Bawdy songs have existed as long as songs themselves, but Zappa was a true pioneer of porno-fusion. He was already throwing everything in the musical sink – rock, jazz, classical, country – why not throw in some sex? The guy was as diverse a composer as you could find in the late 60s / early 70s, but he had a one-track mind when it came to the lyrics. Either he was getting too much sex or not enough of it, but he sure never shut up about it!

The clip opens with Ringo Starr playing Frank Zappa, and features the Flo & Eddie era Mothers of Invention – a period many think was a highlight, and many hardcores despise as a comedy novelty act. What can’t be argued is that they were a duo of great theatrical singers who spiced up his shows and made Zappa more accessible to a wider audience.

Never really a man with an ear for hit records, Zappa actually tried to release this as a single. With the opening lyrics, “Ou, the way you love me baby, I get so hard now I could die,” it’s hard to imagine why this didn’t enjoy wide radio play. But the song is just a machine gun of beats, driven by the great Aynsley Dunbar on drums – and yeah, that’s him in this clip.

The effects evoking a psychedelic trip with balloons of colors splashing reflect the song’s best line: “Ou, the way you squeeze me baby, red balloons just pop behind my eyes.”

If you take out Ringo intro, and the ending with Howard Kaylan reciting the early Penthouse Forum letter, the song itself is really about 2 ½ minutes long. But what a little gem this was in the hours of nonsense that made up 200 Motels. Not unlike the Grateful Dead where you may have to wait through hours of noodling to get to that magic moment, mining Zappa is similar work for similar rewards. There’s a power jazz-rock fusion here that would make Miles Davis proud, and the tight songwriting and fast tempo that Elvis Costello would employ a decade a later. But nether of those giants tapped the cheap hookers in cheap motel rooms vein with the same XXX fervor as Uncle Frank.

YouTube Uploader: drwight

mothers w/ flo & eddie

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