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YouTube Uploader: Stiffkittens

Karen and Co. perform Skeletons live at T in the park 2009 along with some help from the East Kilbride Pipe Band

Retrieved from Wikipedia:
Skeletons on Wikipedia

A skeleton is a biological system providing support in a living organism.

Skeleton or skeletons may also refer to:


  • 1 Science and computers
  • 2 Music
    • 2.1 Albums
    • 2.2 Songs
  • 3 Televisions and films
  • 4 Games
  • 5 Other
  • 6 See also

Science and computers

  • Human skeleton, human anatomy
  • Skeletonization (forensics), refers to the complete decomposition of the non-bony tissues of a corpse, leading to a bare skeleton
  • n-skeleton, the subcomplex of a simplicial complex or CW complex consisting of all faces of or below a certain dimension
  • Skeleton (category theory), in mathematics, every category has a skeleton in which no two distinct objects are isomorphic
  • Skeleton (computer programming), a style of computer programming
  • Algorithmic skeleton, a style of parallel programming based on simple high-level patterns
  • Skeletal animation, a computer technique used to animate 3D characters
  • Topological skeleton, a digital image processing technique used to detect objects and regions within images
  • Morphological skeleton in digital image processing
  • Class skeleton, an outline of a class used in software engineering
  • Skeletal formula, in chemistry, the skeletal structure or skeleton of a molecule
  • Straight skeleton, in geometry, is a method of representing a polygon
  • Skeletonizer (disambiguation), a common name for several species of moth


  • Skeletons (band), a New York-based indie rock group also known as Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys and Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities


  • Skeleton (Figurines album), 2005
  • Skeleton (Abe Vigoda album), 2008
  • Skeletons (Seven Story Drop album), the second album by American alternative rock band Seven Story Drop
  • Skeletons (Nothingface album), the fourth and final album by American alternative metal band Nothingface
  • Skeletons (Wednesday 13 album), 2008
  • Skeletons (Hawthorne Heights album), 2010
  • Skeletons (Sirens and Sailors album), 2013
  • Skeletons (Danzig album), 2015


  • "Skeletons" (Dihaj song), a 2017 Eurovision song by Dihaj
  • "Skeletons" (Stevie Wonder song), a 1987 song by Stevie Wonder from Characters
  • "Skeletons" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs song), a 2010 song by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from It's Blitz!
  • "Skeleton", a song by Bloc Party from their 2004 EP Little Thoughts
  • "The Skeleton", a song by Quasi from their 1999 album Field Studies

Televisions and films

  • "Skeletons" (CSI: Miami), an episode from season 4 of the American crime drama CSI: Miami
  • "Skeletons", an episode of the fourth season of NCIS
  • Skeletons (1996 film) a 1996 film starring Christopher Plummer
  • Skeletons (film), a 2010 film by Nick Whitfield
  • Skeletons (1997 film), a television film by David DeCoteau
  • The Skeleton, a fictional character from the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes


  • Skeleton (Guitar Hero), a playable character in the Xbox 360 version of the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour
  • Skeleton (Dungeons & Dragons), an undead creature from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game
  • Skeleton+, an Atari 2600 video game in Activision Anthology


  • Skeleton (undead), in fantasy, an undead, animated skeleton
  • Skeleton key, a type of key
  • Skeleton watch, a type of watch where the gearing is visible
  • Skeleton crew or staff, a reduced number of staff working off-hours or during a labour strike
  • Skeleton (sport) (or tobogganing), a fast winter sliding sport
  • Skeleton Creek (disambiguation)
  • Skeleton suit, a 19th-century fashion in boys' clothing
  • Skeleton in the closet (idiom), an undisclosed negative fact about someone
  • Skeleton as a supportive framework or basic structure of a building or of a report or the like

See also

  • Exoskeleton, an exterior skeleton
  • Endoskeleton, an interior skeleton
  • Hydroskeleton
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Lich, sometimes mistaken as a normal skeleton
  • Skelethon, an album by Aesop Rock


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