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YouTube Uploader: PAKmentalityTV

t.pAk feat. Amy Frew - Diamond Under Pressure
Video Directed by: David McDonald and Jon Thomas
Edited by: David McDonald
Director of Photography: Jon Thomas
Produced by: Tyrone Pak and Lavado Stubbs
Filmed in Nassau, Bahamas and Vancouver, BC.
Brought to you by PAKmentality Productions and Conch Boy Films.

Music Produced by: Jason Imoo, Justin Frew
Music Written by: Jason Imoo, additional music by: Justin Frew and Amy Frew
Music Mixed by: Justin Frew
Lyrics Written and performed by: Tyrone Pak and Amy Frew
Mastering by: Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

Special Thanks to Rita Yee

Download the album, From the Gutters to Glory here:

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Instagram: @tyronepak


It's been awhile since I've expressed my feelings...
This whole time I've been trying to break thru the ceiling...
When there's been doors all around me
To allow me to be free of those that are concealing-
A different plan.. and they see me as a different man
From a distant land... but this is His plan
So I'll take whatever it is I can withstand
I got a kickstand.. so I stay standing
Ya knock me down, I get up in an instant
Ya stop me now, I come back with a wrist-hand
Backhand deke to the forehand
I'm a Forward man.. and a Four Word man (WWJD)
So I know what I'll do.. but what will you do?
Are you faithful, or are you hateful?
So what you take-me fo?.. A fool? A tool?
Man you're just too cool, but are you grateful?
Everyday that I'm given, I'm living with a vision
I'm on a mission, to free minds trapped in a prison
Cuz my mind is a prism, I turn light into colors
I just want you to know that I'm fighting for others
For those hiding in covers, afraid to be themselves
Cuz all they got growing up was hate to beat them down
But listen, learn from the lessons, the testings, the mistakes
Get stronger from his hate, and her hate
As long you remember that you're great, and your place
Is with a creator whose strength is greater than earthquakes
I’m higher than mountains, and deeper than oceans
It's gonna take more than a devil to keep me from hoping
So I'm coping with problems, knowin that no one can solve em-
For me, "poor me", is what the haters told me
Sorry, to disappoint you I'm in a creative zone
Holy—shit to anoint on these haters domes.. (like blaooow)


I'm a diamond under pressure
I'm a diamond under pressure
I'm a.. I'm a.. I'm a diamond under pressure
Cause I'm shining (I’m shining) Yo I'm shining (I’m shining)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (and I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (I’m great)

So I'm back and I'm better than Ever, man I'm Everest
They told me never say never, but He never left
My road might curve and swerve like the letter S
I let the spirit fill me, feel me? I'm really blessed
But still a mess.. from lots a sin
Because being human I feel like I gots to win
But I had it twisted, being human beings locks us in
Hand cuffs with Jesus, Kanye says he walks with him..
But at times I feel like I box with him
I get lost within, the lies and the failed tries
The highs, the lows, and the hailed prize
But thru failure I will succeed so I realized
That’s how I grow, so now I know, how I should be living
So when I flow, is when I know, that I am really giving
Before I go, I gotta show, what I'm really thinking
Demons scheming against me... haha bring it



(Amy Frew)
I know it gets hard sometimes
you just wanna let it go
But how can I tell you no
no, no, no don’t let it go
Life’s worth living baby
believe in what you’re saying
You might feel like a Diamond Under Pressure
Just hold your head high it gets better
Be the light that you wanna see
You can do it if you believe
Just give it one more try
Say it one more time how you feel

Yo I’m good, and I’m great
There’s no time to hate
You spread love, you get love
So fear, you need to rid of
Instead of, a head of
Full of worry, be full of Glory
So stand up, put your hands up
And say it one more time with me it goes..

I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (and I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (I’m great)
Yo I'm good.. (I’m good) and I'm great.. (and I’m great)

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