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YouTube Uploader: The Summer Rebellion
The Summer Rebellion

David loses his marbles. Arthur dresses like a woman. Just another typical day for The Summer Rebellion.

A thousand thanks for all those who crowdfunded the creation of this music video, and for all the creative and wonderful people who helped turn our vision into a moving image of our vision!


The Band: The Summer Rebellion
Boy Scout: David Koczij
Troublemaker/Gypsy Woman: Arthur Bacon
Girl Scout: Giulia Mensitieri
Pervert: Don Idrees
Partymakers: Arthur Amoris, Fouad Halla, Lorraine Brochet, Caroline Fooij, Patrick Rokuszewski, Adrien Smorodinsky, Morgane Vandamme, Florent Besnard, Maryline Georgery
Musicians: Jordi Grognard, Moune... , Maxime Demartin, Daniel Ostrowski, Erik d'Haese, Thomas Frand


Director: Jean Amoris
Director of Photography: Pauline Goerger
Assistant Director: Nejm Halla
Editing: Jean Amoris
Costumes: Anaïs Dépret, Lucie Patarozzi, Marie Bressolle
Set Design: Margaux Nessi, Lise El Sayed
Make-up / Hair Stylist: Sarassou Vandendriessche
Colour Grading & VFX : Squarefish, Christopher Cittadini, Nigel Niessen
Light Assistants: Robin Baudoux, Olivier Conrardy, Dragan Markovic, Alexandre Vignaud
Storyboard: Aelys Hasbun
Sound Engineer: Jeroen De Meyer
Set Photographer: Dragan Markovic
Prop Department: Lise El Sayed, Coline Sauvand, Margaux Nessi
Catering: Vince Sonrisa
Technical Assistants: Arthur Amoris, Fouad Halla
Cutting Room Floor: 1/2 Erik d'Haese, Nicolas Millot, Louka Kruger

Recording Musicians: Manu Roland, Thomas Frand, Jordi Grognard, Fred Becker, Arthur Hirtz, Jean-Louis Marchand, David Picard, Jean Amoris, Edouard Wallyn

IndieGoGo Producers: raaganne raaganne, Jeroen Van de Gucht, Pierre Larmoyeux, Julie Marbaix, Laure Wagener, Jean-Francois Wils, Florent Besnard, David, Natasha, Kai and Quincy Alleyne-Martin, Mark, Heather, Darius, and Abram Koczij, Johann Rousselot, Marc von Felt, Gudrun de Maeyer, Marina Corretti, Elisa Zanlari, Melanie Cukierman, Lucie Lamoureux, Arthur Lacomme, Tom Erangey, Gert Vandermosten, Pierre-Yves Keldermans, Max Frayon, Anna Meusburger, Bruno Chaix, Elisa Cimino, Elvira Crispo, Leonard Fernandez, Lapo Bettarini, Laura & Umberto Debernardi, Aditi Dimri, Lucile Bacon, Véronique Deladonchamps, Heather Koczij, Gaia Schwarzenberg, Leo Bacon, Camille Amoris & Paolo Pezzin, Katia Stasinopoulou, Daniel Schmitz, Frederic Rieger, Manuel Lambert, Olivia Chapus, Signe Nørgaard, Sara Van den Eynde, Pascale Goffart, Roman Liebe, Joana Vogdt, Federica Palmieri, Andrei Popa, Louise Culot & Arnaldo Prete, Giulia Molinengo, Tatum Jasmin, Annick Ogé-Fresneau, Beatrice Greck-Bacon, and all the other anonymous contributors

Many thanks to: Eléonore Jacquard, Tico, the lovely inhabitants from avenue de la Reine, Pierre Lelièvre, Aude Jacomet, Adèle, and the Turkey, Jean-Luc, Yota & Nicolas, Louka, Marc & Nathalie, Marina Coretti, Olivier Conrardy, Sanna Abdessalem, Melanie Leclech, Olivier Jourdain, Stefania Vanoussis and Dragan Markovic.

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