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YouTube Uploader: Sylvain Bédard
Sylvain Bédard

Little-known Australian Band gives and inspiring performance of its hit UFO during the Sydney presentation of Live Earth.

Talk about going form unknowns to potentially world-class performers - Nice song and super vibes from lead signer. Best performance in Australia with Crowded House...

Retrieved from Wikipedia:
UFO on Wikipedia

A UFO (or unidentified flying object) is an aerial phenomenon reported without being identified.

UFO also may refer to:


  • 1 Computer technology
  • 2 Musical performance
  • 3 Titled works
    • 3.1 Moving-image works
    • 3.2 Games
      • 3.2.1 Computer and video- games
    • 3.3 Musical works
  • 4 Other

Computer technology

  • .ufo PhotoImpact document file extension
  • Unified File and Object (UFO) object storage architecture
  • US UF-O (or UHF Follow-On) system of satellites

Musical performance

  • UFO (musician) (born 1981), Danish hip hop artist, rapper and singer
  • Bands:
    • UFO (band), an English, hard rock
    • UFO United Future Organization, a Japanese jazz duo
    • UFO (boyband) JLS, English and AKA "UFO"
    • UFO & Yepha, Danish hip hop duo

Titled works

  • UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, 2000s manga and anime television series
  • UFOs: The Greatest Stories, 1996 short-story anthology by Martin H. Greenberg

Moving-image works

  • UFO (TV series), 1970s TV series by Gerry Anderson
  • Films:
    • UFO (1956 film), directed by Winston Jones
    • U.F.O. (1993 film), starring Roy "Chubby" Brown
    • U.F.O. (2012 film), with Jean-Claude Van Damme


  • Claw vending machine AKA UFO
  • UFO Interactive Games, American video game company

Computer and video- games

  • UFO Defense family:
    • UFO: Enemy Unknown, AKA X-COM: UFO Defense
    • UFO: Aftermath (2003)
    • UFO: Aftershock (2005)
    • UFO: Afterlight (2007)
    • UFO: Alien Invasion
  • Other:
    • UFO: A Day in the Life (1999) by Love-de-Lic
    • UFO: Extraterrestrials(2007) by Chaos Concept
    • UFO Kamen Yakisoban (1994) for Super Famicom
    • Undefined Fantastic Object, in Japanese Touhou series
    • UFOs (1997), adventure game by Artech

Musical works

  • UFO (Michael Daugherty composition)
  • Ufoetry, multimedia UFO rock opera
    • Albums:
      • U.F.O. (1969) by Jim Sullivan (singer-songwriter)
      • UFO EP, by Torch (American rapper)
      • UFO (Newton Faulkner EP), by Newton Faulkner
    • Songs:
      • "UFO" (1981) song by ESG on EP ESG
      • "UFO" (Pink Lady song) (1977)
      • "UFO" (Sneaky Sound System song)
      • "UFO" (Vigiland song) (2014)
      • "UFO" (2012), by Coldplay on Mylo Xyloto


  • Clubs:
    • Ufo (Club, Berlin), Acid House club
    • UFO Club, London underground club
  • Products and services:
    • UFO, brand of instant yakisoba
    • UFO (restaurant) in Slovakia
    • UFO (ride), amusement park ride
  • UFO, United Farmers of Ontario, Canadian political party c. 1920s
  • UFO, variant of float b-boy move
  • Ufo, genus with gall wasp species Ufo abei

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