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She Wolf on Wikipedia

A she-wolf is a female Gray wolf (Canis lupus).

For the she-wolf from the tale of Romulus and Remus, that became a symbol of the city of Rome, see She-wolf (Roman mythology)

For the famous statue of the she-wolf from Roman mythology, see the Capitoline Wolf.

She-wolf or she wolf may also refer to:


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  • 3 Television
  • 4 Film
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  • 7 See also


  • The She-Wolf (Italian: La Lupa), an Italian verismo novella by Giovanni Verga, published in 1880
  • "The She-Wolf", a story by Saki
  • She-Wolf: The Story of a Roman Icon, a historical study of the Capitoline Wolf by Cristina Mazzoni, Cambridge University Press


  • She Wolf, a 2009 dance-pop album by Shakira
    • "She Wolf" (Shakira song), the title track from her album
  • "She-Wolf" (Megadeth song), a song by Megadeth
  • "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)", a 2012 single by David Guetta on his album Nothing but the Beat 2.0
  • She-Wolf, a 1981 country blues album by Jessie Mae Hemphill


  • She Wolf: The Last Sentinel, a Philippine fantasy horror television series
  • She-Wolf (TV series), a 1990s horror fiction television series


  • The She Wolf (1919 film)
  • The She-Wolf (1951 film), a Greek film
  • La lupa (1953 film), also known as She-wolf, Italian film by director Alberto Lattuada based on the novella of Giovanni Verga
  • The She-Wolf (1965 film) (Spanish: La Loba), Spanish-language film directed by Rafael Baledón
  • Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, a 1975 Nazisploitation film
  • La lupa (1996 film), also known as The She Wolf, Italian film by Gabriele Lavia based on the novella of Giovanni Verga


  • Isabella of France, wife of Edward II popularly known as the 'she-wolf '
  • Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI - called "She-wolf of France but worse" in Shakespeare's Henry VI
  • Jessie Mae Hemphill: The Delta's She-Wolf of the Blues.


  • The She-Wolf (1943) a postsurrealist painting by Jackson Pollock

See also

  • La lupa (disambiguation)
  • Loba (disambiguation)
  • Romulus and Remus

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