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YouTube Uploader: Per Störby Jutbring
Per Störby Jutbring

"My partner Kitty's eyes were glowing when her first doll's house arrived in the mail. To take some time off from the life as an infant parent, she had got her self a new hobby and totally lost herself within it. As soon she had some time over she spent it with her house. She furnished the rooms one after another, redecorated it, made new floors and wallpapers, put up pictures and posters, bought miniature things she placed in the small house, enthusiastic and focused. She mounted light armatures, made carpets and cushions, filled up the refrigerator with groceries, made LP covers and even printed photos of us in the family and framed it. I just stood behind her and watched. Quiet and jealous. I also wanted a hobby.

At first, I just wasn't able to see it, but everything was already there, in front of me. I had just released an album and one of the tracks needed some kind of video, the set design was already fixed by Kitty and there was an actor crawling on the floor in our home.

Our one-year-old kid Nikki-Lo got the main role as a child living in the doll's house awaken by something unexplainable, crawling around all alone in the house, following the sparkling light like an Alice in Wonderland. We fooled around in our apartment and recorded it little by little, whenever we had some time over (not much being a parent). It was tricky. The script was constantly changing, since Nikki-Lo decided what she wanted to do and when, and Kitty was rearranging the furniture and found new gadgets for the house.

Finally, everything ended when Nikki-Lo grabbed the camera and it fell down on the floor and broke. That was it. I had to use what I already recorded and finish the video. (Kitty was really disappointed when she realized her new super mini doll's house for the real doll's house, was not recorded.)

But, at the end of the day, I made the video for "Dance Of The Diaper Fairy", taken from the album with the same name. And nowadays, I have a hobby..."

"Dance Of The Diaper Fairy" is taken from the album with the same name, released on HOOB Records 2014.

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