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Retrieved from Wikipedia:
Morning Dew on Wikipedia
"Morning Dew"
Song by Bonnie Dobson from the album Bonnie Dobson at Folk City
LabelPrestige International INT 13057
WriterBonnie Dobson
Bonnie Dobson at Folk City track listing

"Morning Dew", also known as "(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew", is a post-apocalyptic folk-rock song written by Canadian singer Bonnie Dobson in 1962.

According to Dobson in a 1993 interview, "Morning Dew" was inspired by the film On the Beach.[1]

Fred Neil heard Dobson's song and re-arranged it to suit his own style. Tim Rose heard Neil's version and then recorded his own in 1966, adding himself as co-writer. Through a loophole in US copyright law, Rose was able to claim royalties. Dobson has consistently questioned Rose's right to a co-writing credit.[2]

Selected list of recordings

  • 1962 Bonnie Dobson, At Folk City
  • 1964 Vince Martin & Fred Neil, Tear Down the Walls
  • 1966 Tim Rose, Tim Rose (original album by this name, of two), "Morning Dew" (single), plus later re-recordings
  • 1967 Episode Six, "Morning Dew" single
  • 1967 Grateful Dead, The Grateful Dead, plus Europe '72 and various retrospective live albums, often played live
  • 1968 Lulu, "Morning Dew" (single)
  • 1968 The 31st of February, Dreams (Allman Brothers anthology)
  • 1968 Jeff Beck, Truth
  • 1968 Ralph McTell, Eight Frames a Second
  • 1968 Lee Hazlewood, Love and Other Crimes
  • 1968 The Nova Local, Nova 1
  • 1969 circa Hourglass Duane and Greg Allman
  • 1970 Salena Jones, Everybody's Talkin' About
  • 1971 Nazareth, Nazareth
  • 1973 Clannad, Clannad
  • 1980 Long John Baldry, Long John Baldry
  • 1984 Blackfoot, Vertical Smiles
  • 1985 Einstürzende Neubauten, Fünf Auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala
  • 1990 Devo, Smooth Noodle Maps
  • 1992 Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes, The Lure of the Tropics
  • 1993 Screaming Trees, "Butterfly" (single)
  • 1995 Skullflower, Transformer
  • 1997 The Fatal Shore, "Fatal Shore"
  • 2002 Robert Plant, Dreamland
  • 2003 Mungo Jerry, Adults Only
  • 2004 Audience, alive&kickin'&screamin'&shoutin'
  • 2006 Serena Ryder, If Your Memory Serves You Well
  • 2010 Gregorian, The Dark Side Of The Chant


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The Story of Bonnie Dobson's Morning Dew (CBC hour long radio documentary Inside the Music)


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