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Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (EBS Space, Korea 2006)

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It's Ours. Jason Mraz's island vacation This song comes with a margarita

A hook and a voice, what more do you need? Think of the teams behind most hits over the last decade or three –– teams of producers, teams of songwriters, busloads of session players, and NASA-like gear to make everything sound just so. Fake.

What’s the last hit you can name that was done on two instruments? Don’t hurt yourself –– there haven’t been many. And to Mraz’s credit, he comes by it honestly, hearing and developing this stripped-down guitar-&-djembe duet during his coffeehouse days in San Diego (see, also; Jewel), and even after #1 hits and record company pampering and influence he’s never compromised his perfectly simple sound.

I'm Yours sat at the top of Billboard’s "Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks" for 16 weeks -- the 6th longest reign in history. It was nominated for the 2009 Grammy Song of The Year, was a Top 5 hit in a dozen countries, and high-charting in a dozen more. It’s pretty easy to hear why. Note the reaction to this performance –– in Korea. That it's a mass-appeal song in worlds as diverse as Argentina, Sweden and New Zealand (where it hit #1 in each) is a testament to the power of simple, positive music to reach beyond borders, cultures and languages.

This is a trip to the Islands without leaving town. It's the Calypso Parade from Gumbo Gardens. This song comes with a margarita. Besides the obvious “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” echoes, think further back –– Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O,” Jimmy Cliff’s "The Harder They Come", Paul Simon’s "Mother and Child Reunion" . . . simple transcendent joys.

And how ‘bout the djembe percussionist?! And his tiny cymbal! :-) This is the same guy Mraz started out with in the coffeehouses, Toca Rivera, and what a wonderfully complementary duo they are. In this playful Tenacious D-like duet you get calypso scat, a drum solo, a cappella with audience, musical theater (Mraz’s first love), and a Keith Moon meets Pee-wee Herman drum smashing climax.  

With so much contemporary music boasting a harsh edge by design, it’s refreshing to hear a song with a melody so plain it almost sings itself. This would have gone over well on the stage at Woodstock in ’69, but here it is in our time. Enjoy this time. It’s Yours.

“Damn, you’re free!”


(left to right): Noel ‘Toca’ Rivera (djembe, cymbal, vocals); Jason Mraz (lead vocals, guitar)


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