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YouTube Uploader: Nuclear Blast Records
Nuclear Blast Records

Official 360 lyric video for "Nostrum" from MESHUGGAH's eighth album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Order the album at
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The album was produced by the band and was engineered by Tue Madsen of Puk Studios in Kaerby, Denmark. For the cover, the band once again enlisted Keerych Luminokaya who created the artwork for Koloss and The Ophidian Trek as well as the new images for each of the 7 albums and 3 EP's featured in the 25 Years of Musical Deviance box set.

1. Clockworks
2. Born in Dissonance
3. MonstroCity
4. By the Ton
5. Violent Sleep of Reason
6. Ivory Tower
7. Stifled
8. Nostrum
9. Our Rage Won’t Die
10. Into Decay

Catch MESHUGGAH on the North American Fall 2016 tour with High On Fire. Dates and tickets at

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Nostrum on Wikipedia
The Violent Sleep of Reason
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason.jpg
Studio album by Meshuggah
Released7 October 2016 (2016-10-07)
RecordedPuk Recording Studios, Gjerlev, Denmark
GenreExtreme metal, progressive metal, avant-garde metal
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerTue Madsen, Meshuggah
Meshuggah chronology

The Violent Sleep of Reason is the eighth full-length album by Swedish metal band Meshuggah. It was released on 7 October 2016 on Nuclear Blast.[2] This album was recorded live in the studio, simultaneously with all members, rather than recording each instrument separately as is more common for modern recording. The band announced the new album, its title, and track list via and Revolver magazine on 5 August 2016.[3]


  • 1 Background
  • 2 Release
  • 3 Reception
  • 4 Track listing
  • 5 Personnel
    • 5.1 Meshuggah
    • 5.2 Production
  • 6 Charts
  • 7 References
    • 7.1 Further reading


The album's title was loosely inspired by The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, an etching by Spanish painter Francisco Goya. The album's title and lyrical themes are a commentary on terrorism, extremist views on ideals, religious dogma, and the violent implications of "being asleep, so to speak, or not reacting to what's going on in the proper way".[4] Concerning the album artwork, Tomas Haake stated:

"It was a hard one in the sense that you don't immediately have a visual to the title The Violent Sleep of Reason – how do you portray that?

"So when discussing this with Keerych Luminokaya, who also did the artwork for our 25th anniversary box set along with the artwork for Koloss, we just let him loose on that idea and how to portray that.

"What you're seeing on the artwork is basically a human being that's been in stasis for a long time. The vines were the original idea – they're growing into him. But it's a body that's been asleep for so long that it's been taken over by something else."[5]

In an attempt to depart from the production on previous albums like Koloss and obZen, this album was recorded live. According to Haake, this allowed the band to capture their sound more "honestly" and to capture the "rawness" of albums from the late '80s and early '90s that "inspired us when were growing up." Haake elaborated:

"If you put it all together using computers then you often have to fix problems after the fact. I've gone back to records where I've not known every drum part. And once you do that you can start with drums and then just add layers of guitars and then bass and it all sounds perfect.

"ObZen and Koloss are great albums but, to me, they are a little too perfect. It didn't really capture what we sounded like honestly.

"But where we recorded live you get to hear the push and pull, one person might be a little ahead and the other might be a little behind. If you kill that, you can kill the energy."[6]


In advance of the album, three single tracks were released on the YouTube channel of the band's record label, Nuclear Blast. "Born in Dissonance" was released on August 25, 2016,[7] "Nostrum" was released on September 15, 2016, and "Clockworks" (accompanied by an official music video) was released on October 7, 2016.[8] On September 20, 2016, the band released a live play-through drum cam video of "Nostrum" highlighting Tomas Haake's drum playing.[9]


The Violent Sleep of Reason has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike. A review by Max Frank on the popular site gave the album five out of five stars and described it as a "tour-de-force; a total deconstruction of heavy music."[15] The review focuses on a paradox between what it describes as complex composition structures that seem to critique the norms of the metal genre, and some of the band members' professed ignorance of music theory. Frank suggests, "Theoreticians out there might say that Violent Sleep is 'a commentary on itself.' Meshuggah would probably respond 'shut up and check out this sick riff.'"[15] Terrorizer critic Adrien Begrand called the album "masterful", saying that the band's "signature sound is all over this record", and "like every past album the formula is tinkered with, to exacting detail and precision."[16] Stefan Andonov of Prog Sphere wrote, "They continue their tradition of producing 'punch-you-in-the-face' aggressive music that is hard to follow, but The Violent Sleep of Reason will completely satisfy the fans of the band and surely attract more metalheads to fall in love with the phenomenal art they create."[17] The album was shortlisted by IMPALA (The Independent Music Companies Association) for the Album of the Year Award 2016, which rewards on a yearly basis the best album released on an independent European label.[18]


  • Jens Kidman – lead vocals
  • Fredrik Thordendal – lead guitar
  • Mårten Hagström – rhythm guitar
  • Dick Lövgren – bass
  • Tomas Haake – drums


  • Luminokaya – artwork
  • Thomas Eberger - mastering
  • Tue Madsen – mixing, engineering


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Further reading

  • MESHUGGAH: 'The Violent Sleep Of Reason' Album Details Revealed.
  • Meshuggah Announce New Album, 'The Violent Sleep of Reason'. Revolver

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