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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Mighty Quinn (Rockpalast 2000)

Checking for Matches…

Woody Dylan meets Thelonious Zappa and some very Dead Purple

I hope I don’t die before I get old enough to play this kind of musical diversity.

The song began with an unreleased Dylan “Basement Tape” track called “Quinn The Eskimo.” 

Wooden music, The Band, Woodstock, leafs changing, barn beams and wood smoke.

Then the Mann rearranges it — before anyone outside of '67 bootleg circles has even heard the original — into this international Top 10 hit in 1968.

Then . . . he takes that rearrangement and explodes it into a percussive rock jam in the 70s that startles the 45 single-buying concert goers.

And then a million miles of music later he reunites with his original co-conspirator, Mick Rogers, and this quirky unreleased Dylan campfire castaway is recast as Chick Corea meets The Mothers of Invention on a bus trip with The Grateful Dead when they bump into Deep Purple.

The craziest crew. The finest wine. The richest brew. The deepest tale. The strangest twists and the dizziest twirls.

and just when you’re feeling comfortable . . . suddenly, “Let’s go!” . . . and the genre-jumping hits warp speed.

This is the guy, when Dylan was asked in his post-Newport electric light bulb peak in late ‘65, “Of all the people who record your compositions, who do you feel does the most justice to what you’re trying to say?”

And Bob answers, “Manfred Mann. They’ve done three or four songs. Each one of them has been right in context with what the song was all about.”

And this is the evolution, thirty-five years into the colorstream . . . 

Funk forth.


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