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Posted: 2015 10-30


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YouTube Uploader: MANAKY

THE COLL presents

art director & visual fx artist BALÁZS SÁNTA
director of photography BÁLINT OROSZ
edited by ÁBEL REGŐS
1st assistant to directors GERGŐ GARAM
B-cam cameraman BENDEGÚZ MÁTÉFFY
set designer & props BORBÁLA JUDIT NAGY
special thanks to ATTILA JUNGER & DÁNIEL SÁNTA


Bloodshed on their street,bloodshed on their corners

But only one land giveth for share

Why should Kain kill Abel,his own brother

Bloodshed on their street,bloodshed on their corners

Oh Jah don’t you let dem fight one another

Why should Isaac kill Ismael,his own brother

His own brother

His own Brother

His own brother

His own Brother

Born from the same father

The same blood runs through dem vein

And now that same blood

Runs down the drain

Yes you should hold each other’s hand

Go forward,and set the trend

Together divide and rule

On the Promise Land

Jah did not draw no borderline

Jah did not show you sign

Ain’t no one gonna seperate us

Ain’t got no permission

Yes you shoulda forget the bitterness

Set the foundation for the children

Build up the walls of New Jerusalem

You shoulda keep what Jah said:

Go and make it up with dem!

Here comes the end,and it’ just around di bend

Thou shalt love thy neighbour,as thysef


Nuh give dem U.S protection from di overseas

Stop sending dem di back up fi increase dem properties

Nuh give dem SLR ,Nuh give dem M16-s

Beg yuh, stop ton dem inna mental disease

Stop fighting ova land, ova territories

Ya fear di muslim terrorist ,weh ya produce bigga terrorist

Cyaan realize ya inna di belly a di Beast

Him already mash up and eat up di whole Middle East

Some a dem flea from hate before di fifties

But table ton weh sons a Abraham became fascist

Day by day numba a soldiers radically increase’

Protected by weapons of scientists

Some a dem pon di top and mi seh some a dem pon di bottom

Nuh matta which man a go push di button

Dem nah go ask yuh nuttn but let mi tell yuh supm

If yuh nuh stop fighting dem we must face di new Bin Laden


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