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Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby  (T in the Park 2008)

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Ruby on Wikipedia

A ruby is a red gemstone.

Ruby may also refer to:


  • 1 Places
  • 2 Arts and entertainment
    • 2.1 Fictional characters
    • 2.2 Films
    • 2.3 Games
    • 2.4 Television
    • 2.5 Literature
    • 2.6 Music
      • 2.6.1 Albums
      • 2.6.2 Songs
      • 2.6.3 Artists and record labels
  • 3 People
  • 4 Programming
  • 5 Other uses
  • 6 See also


  • Ruby, Alaska
  • Ruby, Arizona
  • Ruby, Copiah County, Mississippi
  • Ruby, Leflore County, Mississippi
  • Ruby, Nebraska
  • Ruby, South Carolina
  • Ruby, United States Virgin Islands
  • Ruby, Virginia
  • Ruby, Okanogan County, Washington
  • Ruby, Benton County, Washington
  • Ruby, Wisconsin, a town
    • Ruby (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
  • Ruby Beach, Washington
  • Ruby Canyon, on the Colorado-Utah border
  • Ruby Creek (disambiguation)
  • Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall within Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
  • Ruby Mountain, a stratovolcano in British Columbia, Canada
  • Ruby Mountains, a mountain range in Nevada
    • Ruby Dome, the highest peak of the Ruby Mountains
  • Ruby Ridge, Idaho, site of a violent confrontation and siege
  • Ruby Valley, Nevada

Fictional characters

  • Ruby (Jewelpet)
  • Ruby (Pokémon)
  • Ruby (Supernatural)
  • Ruby (The Land Before Time)
  • Ruby Allen, EastEnders character played by Louisa Lytton
  • Ruby Buckton, Home and Away character played by Rebecca Breeds
  • Ruby Crescent, an O-Parts Hunter character
  • Ruby, one of two gems comprising the character Garnet in the show Steven Universe
  • Ruby Rhod, a character in the film The Fifth Element
  • Ruby Thewes, a character in the novel Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier and in the film
  • Ruby Trollman, a Trollz character
  • Ruby, an According to Jim character
  • Ruby, a promotional character created by ATI Technologies
  • Ruby Dennis, the protagonist of the film Dear Mr. Wonderful
  • Ruby, a rabbit in the Max & Ruby book series
  • Ruby, the protagonist of the radio drama Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe
  • Ruby, the protagonist of the TV series Ruby Gloom
  • Ruby, a The Tribe character
  • Ruby Rose, the protagonist of the animated web-series RWBY
  • Ruby (Once Upon a Time) (better known as Red Riding Hood), a character from the ABC television series Once Upon a Time
  • Ruby, a main character in the Canadian television series Rusty Rivets
  • Ruby, a fictional potato in the animated Britain series Small Potatoes


  • Ruby (1977 film), a supernatural horror
  • Ruby (1992 film), about Jack Ruby


  • Pokémon Ruby, a video game


  • Ruby (TV series), a Style Network program
  • Ruby (2012 TV series), an Arab dramatic series
  • Ruby Gallagher, a character of the ABC Family TV series Ruby & The Rockits


  • Ruby (novel), a 1994 novel by V. C. Andrews


  • Ruby (Ruby album)
  • Ruby (Sirsy album), 2004


  • "Ruby" (Adam Wade song) 1960, from the 1952 film Ruby Gentry, also performed by Ray Charles in 1960
  • "Ruby" (Kaiser Chiefs song), by Kaiser Chiefs, from the album Yours Truly, Angry Mob
  • "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town", a 1969 song written by Mel Tillis
  • "Ruby", a song by Kristin Hersh, from the album Sunny Border Blue
  • "Ruby", a song by Queenadreena, from the album Djin
  • "Ruby Baby", a song by Donald Fagen, from the album The Nightfly

Artists and record labels

  • Ruby (band), an alternative group formed in 1994
  • Ruby & the Romantics, an American R&B group
  • Ruby Records, a record label
  • Ruby (rock band), an American rock band featuring Tom Fogerty
  • Ruby (Egyptian singer) (born 1981), singer and actress
  • Ruby, a performer in the English hip pop quintet KING


  • Ruby (given name)
  • Ruby (surname)
  • Ruby (Egyptian singer) (born 1981), singer and actress
  • Ruby (actress) (born 1972), American pornographic actress


  • Ruby (hardware description language)
  • Ruby (programming language)
  • Ruby, an early development name for Visual Basic
  • Ruby MRI, the C reference implementation of the Ruby language

Other uses

  • Ruby (car), an inter-war French manufacturer of light cars and proprietary engines
  • Ruby (typography), the British English form of agate-size type
  • Ruby (color)
  • Ruby (mango)
  • Ruby (elephant)
  • Project Ruby, a joint Anglo-American program to test a range of bunker-buster bombs

See also

  • Ruby City (disambiguation), several US ghost towns
  • Rubygate, a sex scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi
  • Ruby pistol
  • Ruby character, a type of annotation for logographic characters
  • Rubi (disambiguation)
  • Rubin (disambiguation)
  • Rubis (rocket), a rocket system

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