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YouTube Uploader: andrewjohnston100

Directed by Lee Thorburn and Bryan Wilkat
DOP: Bryan Wilkat
Shot at Studio Made of Stills, and walking around Mile End in Montreal August 2012
Photography by Richmond Lam
Super 8 Camera by Strachan and Mary Johnston
Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane: Al Isler, Marcel A. Alexandre Lapointe, Denis Paquin

The video for Don't Need to Know presents the passing of time which is a main thematic focus of the song. In the video we see Andrew seated with his black acoustic guitar, singing through the song in front of a window looking out on a sunny day. For Andrew, every song starts out as an intimate moment of creation, where the writer reflects on his past or projects into the future. In the video we see Andrew's past represented by the super 8 footage of his childhood, while the footage of Andrew playing with the band reflects the realization of the song; the writer's hopes and aspirations for the song are achieved through performance.

The central image in the song is that of the ebb and flow of life as represented by water, tides, and the driving forward momentum of the song itself. The song reflects on friendships and the way that we all come and go from each others lives; The forthright conclusion made in the lyric is that in some cases this is for the best: Some of our oldest, most formative friendships are sometimes also the most unhealthy.

The video also acts to introduce us to Andrew and his band the Hurricane. Though the tone of the song may be sombre, the video reminds us that music making is ultimately a joyous activity and showcases the camaraderie and friendships that underpin any well-functioning band. Despite the fact that the song deals with the subject of failed friendships and relationships, the candid shots of Andrew and his band serve as a comforting counterpoint; the knowledge that there are always new friends to be made and new projects to be undertaken. The video ends triumphantly, as Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane kick into overdrive; ultimately Don't Need to Know ends on a hopeful note.

Don't Need to Know is the third video from Andrew Johnston's 2011 album The Wake of the Wonder Years. As the follow-up to the colorful and humorous video for single "Beat Down Your Stereo" Don't Need to Know reminds us that Andrew is an artist that is not afraid to explore a range of emotions and sentiments in his songs. While Beat Down Your Stereo was brash, unhinged and more than a little tongue-in-cheek, Dont Need to Know shows that Andrew's songs are also introspective, nostalgic, and shot through with unflinching honesty.

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