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YouTube Uploader: John Butler Trio
John Butler Trio

The official video for REVOLUTION by the John Butler Trio.
From the album 'April Uprising'

(lyrics copyright John Butler, 2010)

So tell me family now what do you think? Watch it all go in the great big sink. Watch how the scum it rises to the top. Don't you wonder when it's all gonna stop? Sometimes I wonder how we do sleep, serving the dodgy companies we keep. All kicking and scrounging for the very first place - dictionary definition of a rat race. Pay off those losers we elect to lead, stealing from the mouths that we're meant to feed. Enslaving the very clothes upon my back, I feel the sting but I hear no crack, no crack,
I'm saying +

Running through the fire, running through the flame, running through the hatred, pushing through the blame, running through the hopelessness and shame, revolution already underway ++

[B]ig Heavy [P]irates man digging those holes, messing with something that they can't control. Trespassing lands where they don't belong, all I hear is screaming where there once were songs. I got my brothers they're fighting those wars, fighting over scraps and scraping their sores. Under a blanket of a fire and pride that can't keep us warm for the cold inside, inside,
I'm saying +

So tell me when you think we're gonna rise? Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes? Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake, open my fist my destiny I take! Good people sick and tired of being pushed around, we call them kings but I see no crown. Tell me when you think we'll just stand up? Saying enough is enough is enough, enough,
I'm saying

++ Take back your feet, take back your hands, take back your words, take back your land. Take back your heart, take back your pride, don't got to run, don't got to hide.


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