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Jane Says on Wikipedia
"Jane Says"
Song by Jane's Addiction from the album Nothing's Shocking
ReleasedAugust 23, 1988
GenreAlternative rock
LabelWarner Bros.
Writer(s)Eric Avery, Perry Farrell
Producer(s)Dave Jerden, Perry Farrell
Nothing's Shocking track listing
  1. "Up the Beach"
  2. "Ocean Size"
  3. "Had a Dad"
  4. "Ted, Just Admit It..."
  5. "Standing In The Shower...Thinking"
  6. "Summertime Rolls"
  7. "Mountain Song"
  8. "Idiots Rule"
  9. "Jane Says"
  10. "Thank You Boys"
  11. "Pigs in Zen"

"Jane Says" is a song by American rock band Jane's Addiction. "Jane Says" became the band's first chart entry on the Alternative Songs chart, peaking at #6.

It was first released in semi-live format on the group's 1987 debut album, Jane's Addiction. It was re-recorded in the studio for the follow-up album, Nothing's Shocking. The Nothing's Shocking version is the most widely known version of the song, featuring steel drums that are not present on the cut from the self-titled album. A true live version appears on the band's 1997 new/live/out-take compilation Kettle Whistle.

It is one of Jane's Addiction's most famous songs and frequently ends their concerts.


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The title refers to lead singer Perry Farrell's ex-housemate, Jane Bainter, who was the muse, inspiration, and the namesake of the band.[1] The song carries drug references such as "kick" (stop using). The fourth verse contains a reference to St. Andrews Place in Los Angeles, California.


"Jane Says" uses only two chords for most of the song. The original recording from Jane's Addiction features bongos and is sung in a lower register than later versions. The version that appears on Nothing's Shocking makes extensive use of steel drums played by Stephen Perkins in place of the original's bongos. The live version from Kettle Whistle interpolates the two versions, opening with an extended bongo introduction, over Perry Ferrell's scat vocals, before abruptly shifting to steel drum one measure before starting the verse.

The song format does not follow standard verse–chorus form, instead featuring three verses and a bridge section, following a traditional AABA form. Each verse ends with a short refrain ("I'm gonna kick tomorrow...") repeated twice. The song concludes on a coda consisting of a repeat of the bridge.

Music video

A 1997 video was produced during their Relapse tour. Directed by Carter B. Smith, it features the band playing the song live over the course of the tour.[2]

In popular culture

  • "Jane Says" is the name of episodes 13 and 14 of Degrassi: The Next Generation's eight season with those episodes focusing on character Jane Vaughn.
  • The character Jane Margolis from the television show Breaking Bad is inspired by "Jane Says".
  • The song was made available to download on November 29, 2011 for use in the Rock Band music video game series.[3][4]


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