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Posted: 2014 02-13


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YouTube Uploader: JIMI from Brooklyn
JIMI from Brooklyn

JIMI presents RUNNIN' off his upcoming In My Mind EP
Music Video Birthed by Eightsixfourth @Cattmala @Mintmintpeppermint @Eightsixfourth
Produced by Uninamise @Uninamise
Follow JIMI on twitter @JIMI_LS90 & Soundcloud:
Soul my soul for all these blessings,
I been on my lonely sessions,
You aint never gon get it,
Started from a kid now I'm rolling with the killers,
Started from the floor now I'm heading to the ceiling,
City of the gods muhfucka see the Pillars,
When you in the benz muhfuckas getting jealous,
Fucking with the real it aint nothing you could tell us,
Now we in the building muhfucka can you feel it
22 years and I'm coming like a bullet
I don't need to waste no time,
I would never save no hoe,
I aint never feel so high,
I would never stoop so low
I aint never told no lie,
I aint never sold know hope,
Chain hang way down low
You would think a nigga sold dope,
You could see a nigga so real at this,
Underground king I'm a kill for Pimp,
White car split like Ben and Jen,
Still see the chain through the window tint
Why you think a nigga so militant,
The deal is in,
They kill ya men,
Treat em like fish and they reel em in,
Tell them other niggas that the real is in
It's true to say
Class is in,
But you dudes is late,
Swimming in the water with a pool of snakes,
Calling me the great that's for you to say
That's for you,
Smoke two L's I'm the cooler J,
Hip-hop died on the deuce of May
So tell em play this song at the eulogy...

Gods, girls, stars, fancy cars, diamond rings,
Designer jeans the finer things in life, we choose to shine w bling
Behind the walls and closing doors we ride the streets in stolen cars,
This the life we chose to live this bastard life is truly ours...

Sold my soul for all these blessings
Still I'm on my lonely sessions
You aint never gon get it,
They been trigger happy so you know they gon pull it,
Put em on the floor muhfucka can you feel it?
Put me on the stage watch a young nigga kill it,
Cocaine flow muhfucka I'm a deal it,
Pull up to the banks muhfuckas call me Phillip,
If they put a price up on your soul would you sell it?
If they told you get up on your toes would you get it?
I'm the best dawg,
Couldn't feel the shots with the Teflon
Lay niggas down like cement but still,
You will never see me getting stepped on,
We don't even try to pay the rent dawg,
The best to be,
So tell em other niggas I'm the next dawg...
Came a long way for respect God...


Soul my soul for all these blessings
I been on my lonely sessions...
Told my old girls I was next to blow
But they aint never seem too impressed with me,
Big B's I aint talking Bentley,
Big Biz,
Big crib,
Momma still home watching six kids,
They aint never grow to see Christmas,
Santa Clause never was a big wish
Does he exist?
Could he get us rich?
If the times got harder would he take us in?
Or leave us all lost like Vegas then?
I'm tryna touch doe like the bakers man,
I'm the greatest god
Say amen...

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