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YouTube Uploader: Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect
Written by: Highly Suspect
Performed by: Highly Suspect
Produced by: Highly Suspect
Video Editor :Nate Severdija
Recorded at Silvertone Studios in Grotton Ma.
Audio Engineer : Jason Petrin

We just like to keep our Camera rolling.. this video is a "DIY" music video that includes footage of our lives and shows that were filmed over the course of summer 2011 Edited together by film-maker and friend Nate Severdija... Special thanks to Kevin Cox and Alan Gilpatrick for additional video footage... and all of our friends and fans that support...

GANG LION is available off our first album (iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc)

... NEW E.P. to be released EARLY 2012!!! stay tuned, check facebook, come to a show.

----Highly Suspect---

Retrieved from Wikipedia:
Gang Lion on Wikipedia

In the law enforcement jargon, a suspect is a known person accused or suspected of committing a crime. Police and reporters in the United States often use the word suspect as a jargon when referring to the perpetrator of the offense (perp in dated US slang). However, in official definition, the perpetrator is the robber, assailant, counterfeiter, etc.—the person who committed the crime. The distinction between suspect and perpetrator recognizes that the suspect is not known to have committed the offense, while the perpetrator—who may not yet have been suspected of the crime, and is thus not necessarily a suspect—is the one who did. The suspect may be a different person from the perpetrator, or there may have been no actual crime, which would mean there is no perpetrator.[1]

A common error in police reports is a witness description of the suspect (as a witness generally describes a perpetrator, while a mug shot is of suspect). Frequently it is stated that police are looking for the suspect, when there is no suspect; the police could be looking for a suspect, but they are surely looking for the perpetrator, and very often it is impossible to tell from such a police report whether there is a suspect or not.

Possibly because of the misuse of suspect to mean perpetrator, police in the early 21st century began to use person of interest, possible suspect, and even possible person of interest, to mean suspect.

Under the judicial systems of the U.S., once a decision is approved to arrest a suspect, or bind him over for trial, either by a prosecutor issuing an information, a grand jury issuing a true bill or indictment, or a judge issuing an arrest warrant, the suspect can then be properly called a defendant, or the accused. Only after being convicted is the suspect properly called the perpetrator.

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