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Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady (Monterey Pop 1967)

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A Star is Born: Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop

While most classic rock fans equate Jimi at Monterey with him lighting his guitar on fire at the end of his set closer, "Wild Thing", his other performances are worth examining for many reasons. Jimi's guitar virtuosity, mesmerizing stage presence and over-the-top visuals add up to an amazing 40 minutes of sheer musical bliss. The fact that the producers of this festival insisted on superior sound and video quality to preserve a musical place in history only adds to our benefit.

"Foxy Lady" in particular is a stunning example of Jimi and his Experience in particularly good form. Already a star in the UK, Jimi Hendrix was basically unknown in the States in the summer of 1967 but this performance would change all that.

With his pink feather boa, tight orange pants and shirt, trademark silk scarf headband and various necklaces, Jimi was truly a psychedelic delight for the eyes. Here he shows us all the bravado and natural showmanship we can't miss, as he plays notes and chords all with one hand – the other high above his head or off to one side to make sure we all see how magical he is. A groin thrust here, an under-the-leg guitar neck stroke there, Jimi is so overtly sexual in his playing even Elvis might blush. One simply cannot take one's eyes off him as he moves and grooves through this tune.

The last 20 seconds of this clip feature some banter by Jimi and some fun shots of the young, white teen crowd half-smiling as if having just witnessed a magic act but obviously impressed by the magnetism of this performer. Any guitar players in the audience might have considered quitting after seeing this.

As he says at the beginning "my fingers move as you see, you don't hear no sounds as you hear – but dig this!" - and with that classic opening piece of feedback, Jimi Hendrix tears into an unbelievable version of Foxy Lady. Enjoy!

Retrieved from Wikipedia:
Foxy Lady on Wikipedia
"Foxy Lady"
Song by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

from the album Are You Experienced

ReleasedMay 12, 1967
RecordedDecember 13, 1966
GenreRock, psychedelic rock
LabelTrack Records
ProducerChas Chandler
Are You Experienced track listing

(UK) Side 1

  1. "Foxy Lady"
  2. "Manic Depression"
  3. "Red House"
  4. "Can You See Me"
  5. "Love or Confusion"
  6. "I Don't Live Today"

(UK) Side 2

  1. "May This Be Love"
  2. "Fire"
  3. "3rd Stone from the Sun"
  4. "Remember"
  5. "Are You Experienced"
"Foxy Lady"
Single by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
from the album Are You Experienced
B-side"Hey Joe"
ReleasedAugust 1967 (USA only)
Format7" 45rpm
GenreRock, psychedelic rock
LabelReprise Records
The Jimi Hendrix Experience singles chronology

"Foxy Lady" (or alternatively "Foxey Lady") is a song by The Jimi Hendrix Experience from their 1967 album Are you Experienced. It can also be found on a number of Hendrix's greatest hits compilations, including Smash Hits (1968/1969) and Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix (1997). Rolling Stone magazine placed the song at #152 in their "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list.

The song is well known for its guitar riff, which alternates between the bass F# (and its octave), which Hendrix played with his thumb on the second fret, and the ringing E–A dyad at the fifth fret. It is one of Hendrix's earliest uses of feedback in a studio recording. The song is also known for its use of the so-called "Hendrix chord", the dominant 7#9.

The United States version of Are You Experienced (also released in Canada) listed the song with a spelling mistake as "Foxey Lady"[1] and this is how it is still known among many North American fans and critics today.

The group had difficulties deciding how to end the song. Bass player Noel Redding claimed that the last chord was his suggestion.[2]

Hendrix commented on his own lyrics by saying that he did not approach women in such a straightforward manner as the lyrics might suggest ("You got to be all mine" etc.)[2]

The song is famously known for its use in Wayne's World in a daydream scene where Wayne's friend Garth pelvic thrusts his way towards his "dream woman" working at Stan Mikita's Donut Shop.


  • Recordings
    • 1968 • Booker T. and the M.G.'s • Soul Limbo
    • 1979 • The Cure • Three Imaginary Boys
    • 1989 • Roger Taylor's The Cross • Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
    • 1991 • Blue Cheer • Dining With the Sharks
    • 1999 • ESP • Lost and Spaced
    • 2007 • ZZ Top • Live From Texas DVD (bonus track)
  • Live performances
    • 1993 • Paul Rodgers • The Hendrix Set
    • 1998 • Popa Chubby • The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers[1] and ZZ Top [2] sometimes cover this song live.
    • Paul McCartney occasionally plays this song after playing "Let Me Roll It"[citation needed]
    • Guitarist Roy Buchanan occasionally played this song after playing "Hey Joe"
    • Guitarist Buckethead is known to play the song live as well as the song "Purple Haze"[citation needed]
    • The song was covered by Mick Jagger with Jeff Beck live.
  • Other
    • Is played frequently on G3 tours during the G3 jam[citation needed]. It appeared on the G3: Live in Tokyo DVD, where it was played as the first song in the jam by Joe Satriani (who also provided vocals), Steve Vai, and John Petrucci, with special guest Mike Portnoy on drums.


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