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Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe & Sunshine Of Your Love (Happening For Lulu 1969)

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The Monster Eats The Mouse Culture Clash on Lulu — The American Madman Strikes Again!

I’m sorry but... Lulu was one aptly named American Idol Monkees-like creation out of England in the mid-sixties –– think Olivia Newton-John but with less soul. And here she is hosting the Lawrence Welk of BBC variety shows, and introducing Jimi Hendrix with how she "loves to hear them singHey Joe. And suddenly puckin' Psycho-Puddle’s in the house. "Plug your ears!" 

In a move Elvis Costello would have loved, he only does the first verse/chorus/solo of his booked “hit” Hey Joe and then stops "playing this rubbish” and goes into a personal tribute to his power-trio mentors Cream who had just played their farewell shows at London's Royal Albert Hall two months earlier.

You can imagine the BBC's grey-haired director freaking out in the control booth a la A Hard Days Night. “What the blimey hell!?!”

Especially by as late as 1969, Hendrix was playing mostly Hendrix songs. Like Zappa, his mind and gifts were so unique there’s little written by others that could keep up with his flow. But here Hendrix pays a rare musical tribute to a contemporary by covering their masterpiece Sunshine of Your Love.

For a ridiculous merging of the outer reaches of advanced psychedelic music and the absurdities of mainstream television in the late sixties, this is rivaled only by the Grateful Dead on Hefner’s Playboy After Dark.

And I hope ya caught the wink to the Beatles with John's "I Feel Fine" lick in "Hey Joe"

And for another wonderfully unique version of this song Not pperformed by Cream, do not miss Elvis Costello and The Police’s version here.


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