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"Genesis Live" — The Holy Grail Movie — Shepperton, October '73

“We were always songwriters first and musicians second,” Peter Gabriel said of the group he founded in 1967 and left in 1976. “I had more confidence in Genesis continuing than they did themselves, because we were a group of songwriters, and I knew the songs would continue coming.”

His observation proved true, and Genesis would indeed continue to produce hugely popular music without him.  But their original magic triptych of -- group-composition, musicianship, and harmonies -- is lusciously on display here.

I Know What I Like was the band’s first remotely hit song –– but it wasn’t even on the radio until a year after this show. Yet here it is, early on, at home with their hardcore fans who know every note. This song & performance is as catchy, animated, raw, and hook-friendly as Genesis gets.

Salvaged thru a almost unbelievable storybook tale of fan resourcefulness and dedication (read more here), this high-end multi-camera shoot is from their career-establishing 1973 tour that produced “Genesis Live” and features their definitive line-up.

The symphonic & choral sound you hear shows how this ensemble was more than the sum of it’s parts. From Gabriel’s vaudeville and lawnmower theatrics (listen for the rumbling motor), through Phil “Harry” Collins’ crispy drums and playful rhythms, to Tony Banks’ Bernard-Hermann-meets-Black-Sabbath organ, to Mike Rutherford’s galloping jazz bass lines, there are enough idioms going on here to keep you humming through repeated viewings.

And besides all this, it’s got a soaring chorus not far from My Heart Will Go On. It’s art-rock-weird with Top 40 simplicity. This is their Roundabout – their hook, their 3-minutes of radio play, their crack in the ceiling that they squeezed through for one brief beacon. A few eyeballs caught it – weirdness in a rainbow glow. Jazzy chops in some poppy soda. And in . . .

This Golden Age of Theatrical Rock when Alice, Bowie and Gabriel were in their method-acting prime, good footage of these first blossoms are goldmine rare. Most of the big-budget-signers at record companies were still listening to "real singers" like Sinatra, and funds weren’t being devoted to expensive films of unintelligible “art rock.” So, any of this grade-A stuff that got smuggled out of the seventies alive is fairly chill-worthy. Let alone this particular batch of the all-star Genesis lineup. At their peak. At home.

These are the veins in the mountain we video treasure hunters search for.


Genesis: (left to right): Steve Hackett (lead guitar); Mike Rutherford (bass, guitar & vocals); Peter Gabriel (lead vocal, tambourine, flute & lawnmower); Phil Collins (drums & vocals); Tony Banks (keyboards & vocals).

YouTube Uploader: proghead908

Gabriel-Era Genesis performing "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"

Retrieved from Wikipedia:
I Know What I Like on Wikipedia

"I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" was the first charting single by the rock band Genesis. The single was first released in the UK in August 1973, but did not become a hit until April 1974, when it reached number 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

Its original b-side was the non-album track "Twilight Alehouse," a song about a lonely man who finds solace in the local tavern. This song had been in Genesis's live set since 1970 but was not recorded in the studio until 1973.

"I Know What I Like" is also the second track on the Selling England by the Pound album. A lighthearted pop song, it provides a moment of comic relief after the opening number, "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight."

The song's lyrics, like many of Peter Gabriel's in his Genesis days, tell a story. It portrays a young man who pushes a lawn mower for a living and shares his philosophy on life that he does not want to grow up and do great things, being perfectly happy where he is. Betty Swanwick's painting The Dream, which was used as the Selling England album cover, provided inspiration for the lyrics.

The song has a somewhat Eastern sound, full of hand percussion rhythms and an electric sitar riff from Mike Rutherford (played in concert by Steve Hackett), and it foreshadows the world music that Gabriel would later experiment with in his solo career. Rutherford's bass playing is also highly prominent, and guitarist Steve Hackett uses an effect during the intro and ending to imitate the sound of a lawn mower.

Later live versions of this song (such as the one on Seconds Out) feature an extended instrumental section which includes snippets of various other Genesis songs – such as "Visions of Angels," "Blood on the Rooftops," "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" and "Stagnation" – and even songs by other artists, such as the Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood." Phil Collins performed a dance during these instrumentals, in which he would beat himself silly with a tambourine; this can seen in the Genesis: In Concert film from 1977, as well as the live DVD When in Rome 2007.

"I Know What I Like" was the band's only pop hit of their early years, at a time when progressive rock bands largely avoided the singles market. The song was even played on Top of the Pops and danced to by Pan's People. Its success would not be topped until And Then There Were Three's "Follow You, Follow Me," some four years later, and it remains the band's biggest hit without Phil Collins as frontman.

For the The Way We Walk and Turn It On Again tours, this song was played as part of a medley of old Genesis songs. During the Turn It On Again tour shows, images from the band's history cycled by in the background.

In 1993, Marillion's ex-frontman Fish did a cover version of this song on his Songs from the Mirror album.


  • Peter Gabriel: vocals and flute
  • Steve Hackett: electric guitar and backing vocals[citation needed]
  • Mike Rutherford: bass and electric sitar
  • Tony Banks: Hammond organ and ARP Pro Soloist
  • Phil Collins: drums, backing vocals and percussion

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