Johnny B. Goode (with Johnny Winter)

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Posted: 2009 05-18


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“Watch out — this is gonna be loud and nasty”

You don’t have the cameras rollin’ in a scene like this very often: A small town TV studio in Canada, two guys who are normally orbiting out around Pluto comin’ together in a rare alignment, two Johnny’s, one voodoo man, one blues man, and everything that’s real about mystic music.  Play this clip LOUD.

This is the greatest song written since a sailor kissed a nurse in Times Square, played by the greatest duet of freaks since Barnum met Bailey.  This is Channel Music, beyond words and precision, where The Spirit reigns supreme.  If you’re thinking, you’re not getting it.  It’s the simplest song ever written, yet it’s never been bettered.

Dig hearing the extraterrestrials discuss the moment between themselves, riffing on the song’s legacy until the Doctor says, "I feel like we might rock the house a little taste,” and Johnny cues the band with, “B natural,” and every barroom south of the Mason-Dixon comes to life before your eyes.

Yes, Doctor, deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, there is a boy ... and this Johnny be very good indeed.

YouTube Uploader: rknrne

Johnny Winter - Dr John - In Session TV - 4/7

Johnny B Goode

Johnny Winter - Guitar
Dr John - Piano
Brian Russel - Gtr/Bass
Jon Paris - Harp/Bass
Tom Compton - Drums

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