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Court Yard Hounds - Ain't No Son (Late Show With David Letterman 2010)

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These Chicks are still definitely Not ready to make nice

Breaking News:  There is no Civil War in Dixieland!  There will be no secession, and the union of chicks shall stay united. In fact, they’ll be out there quietly touring with the Eagles this summer.  Who’s gonna notice that?

But when founding sisters Emily and Martie had written up some songs last year and wanted to make music again after their Grammy sweep and hiatus from living in the scorching media spotlight for years after saying “George Bush is a complete asshole” or whatever it was, loudmouth soul-sister Natalie Maines wasn’t ready to make nice music yet.  So, without disbanding the Chicks, in fact keeping the band largely intact, they simply recorded as the blood brood, calling themselves the Court Yard Hounds.

This whole thing just smacks of respect for each other.

And so what do the quieter duo do? They play it real safe, and only write about gay children coming out to their unaccepting parents.  What could be easier?

The Chicks had already contributed to the 2005 multi-artist benefit “Love Rocks” disk for sexual awareness and tolerance, and they’re certainly not your parent’s country singers. In fact, I don’t know how this isn’t fiddle-&-banjo-based Rock.

Enjoy how it opens with quiet harmonies and perfectly haunting banjo before breaking into angry rock n roll, with the kind of seamless voices only siblings can share.

These chicks are definitely still not ready to make nice.

And just wait till the loud one gets back this summer.  


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