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Prime Coop Plays a Hidden Gem from School's Out on Radio Breman's Beat Club

This clip is some kinda muscular rock 'n' roll by a very strong band in the punchy prime of their title years. Made when television graphics were on their first acid trip, if you look through the warped looking-glass you can see a band with one foot in the Kiss of the future and the other in the MC5 of the past. It’s leather-jacket Iggy punk dressed up in Slade-flash glitter, with a Stones-worthy melody, and a vocal growl Jagger could only hope for.

One of the best things about live performances is seeing how a studio song finds its life live. And another is seeing who the bandleader is, and how the players follow the conductor. I’ll leave these for you to discover here.
This is from the streak of 4 albums where Cooper and the band wrote rock songs with the best of ‘em: Love It To Death, Killer, School’s Out and Billion Dollar Babies, all of which still sound fresh and alive.

Public Animal #9 was an obscure song on a classic album – School’s Out – the title track of which became the largest selling single in Warner Brothers history at the time. And by “obscure” track, I mean, it was on side 2. No one ever listened to it. After fans of “School’s Out” sat thru the following 15 minutes of weird shit on side 1, not only did side 2 not get played, but if it did, it opened with My Stars and the needle got yanked in about 20 seconds. Look at any old copy of this vinyl and you can still see your reflection in side two.

This punchy, riff-happy anthem by Michael Bruce fits perfectly with the classic Cooper lyrics about school, cops, and being bad. There’s the famous story of Alice writing the words to School’s Out in the car on the way to the studio (“we can’t even think of a word that rhymes”). And according to some books of the time, he did the same with Public Animal #9. If true, this guy sure had some powers.

I love how the title evokes everything from J. Edgar Hoover to Revolution 9 to Rainy Day Women #12 & 35. And who else could have written, “She wanted an Einstein, but she got a Frankenstein,” and delivered the syllables so perfectly? It’s Alice’s world – we only live in it. It’s no wonder Bob Dylan called Cooper an underrated lyricist.

Alice’s admiration for musical theater was never in better voice than on School’s Out – from the strings to the horns to the arrangements, from his own West Side Story street fight in Gutter Cat to the real West Side Story, from the prose narratives in Alma Mater to the radioshow sound effects of Street Fight, to the record's climaxing with a 5 minute horn & string ladden instrumental that could have come from his Detroit home's Motown.

In Public Animal #9 we have Mrs. Cranston stepping onstage with Officer Krupke, or “Mr. Bluelegs”, as Alice calls him (for what you first see coming towards you when you're hiding from him). The song’s rooted in Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley on the lyrical side, and You Baby by The Turtles on the musical end. And if you follow the branch further out you’ll come across some guys Smokin' In The Boys Room at the Brownsville Station, and gangs of theatrical toughs in Michael Jackson’s Beat It and and Bad.

Of Special Note: This was actually the last year that anyone heard lead guitarist Glen Buxton play live. He got so messed-up – gawd knows what-all, but heroin and alcohol were in the mix – and it was probably right after this – because by the next tour for Billion Dollar Babies his amps were turned down for most of it and his lines played off-stage by different ringers. But he’s really playing here, and scorching! It's almost a Syd Barrett moment.

Glen was Alice’s best friend from Cortez High School in Phoenix, who together formed the band along with classmate Dennis Dunaway. He was the only real musician in the bunch and mostly taught the others to play. He's also the buddy in the song’s opening lyric: “Me and G.B. // We ain’t never gonna confess // We cheated at the math test // We carved some dirty words in our desk . . .” And he’s also the mind, soul and fingers behind that opening guitar riff to School’s Out that you can hear clearly in your head right now.

When he died, Alice said, “I think I laughed more with him than with anyone else.”

Another talented, wonderful, and sad rock 'n' roll tragedy.
Glen Buxton, R.I.P. 1947 - 1997


Left-to-right: Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar and harmonies); Neil Smith (drums); Alice Cooper (lead vocals); Dennis Dunaway (bass and harmonies); Glen Buxton (lead guitar).

YouTube Uploader: Beat-Club

Die komplette Beat Club-Folge inklusive diesem Auftritt im iTunes Store erhältlich!

Ein weiterer Liveauftritt von Alice Cooper und Band im Beat Club am 25.11.1972: "Public Animal #9" aus dem Album "School's Out" (1972)!

You like it, you get it! Here's another great live recording by Alice Cooper at the Beat Club in November 1972! The song "Public Animal # 9" is taken from the famous "School's Out" album. The title track is still a classic in Alice Cooper's live setlist and very popular on many "Classic Rock" radio stations all over the world. The old vinyl album cover was designed with a sleeve opening like an old school desk and the vinyl itself was wrapped into girl's panties(!). Ironically, this issue must be recalled because the panties were not flame retardant. Some strange things happens in music business ...

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