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Enjoy The Ride, but . . . Warning: Emotions May Surface Ahead

If you can remember the lessons imparted here — 
through the holiday season and the rest of your life  —
you'll enjoy a happy, healthy, helpful journey.

This moment brings together two gentle humans who changed the world through peace, words, and non-violent action — each divine masters in their own right.

I'm not even gonna tell you what happens, just experience it.  

And do Not bail early and miss the touching hand-held escort and the two masters' warm embrace as it fades to black. 

And fyi, the Zulu chorus goes . . .

Asimbonanga                           (We have not seen him)
Asimbonang' uMandela thina      (We have not seen Mandela)
Laph'ekhona                            (In the place where he is)
Laph'ehleli khona                     (In the place where he is kept)


If you don’t know the backstory — Johnny Clegg and his band Juluka were to South Africa in the 80s what the Selma marchers were to civil rights in America in the 1960s.  He was the first major musical artist in that segregated country who was gifted, popular — and completely committed to equality — forming a bi-racial band, singing overtly political songs, and risking not only his career but his life for it.

He pushed his way through doors like no white American musician did during her awful racial struggle in the 1960s.  He was arrested several times, kicked out of his native British Musician’s Union for his activities, and several of his friends were killed.  Yet he continued his ongoing peaceful unity of us — until a moment like this was possible.  

And praise the Spirits that both this black man and this white man survived to embrace on this stage in this new world.  Savor the impromptu two-shots, and soak in the baton passing and the beautiful childlike respectful reverence with which Johnny asks, "Do you want to say anything? " ... or Johnny's knuckle-biting moment of joy as his old friend Madiba says, "It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world."




Guest's picture

I saw Johnny Clegg live in Montreux in the 80's.
Life changing.
Merry Christmas back to you.

Sue, in England

YouTube Uploader: tenshu50

Lors d'un concert de Johnny Clegg, interprétant "asimbonangua" arrivée de Nelson Mandela.

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