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Bune - Part 3/5 - "Elevated"
The hooded man tests Alex's convictions and loyalty.

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Designer drugs got me meditated, knees bent, hands together, elevated. So high I almost levitated. Reanimated back from the dead I tried to leave it all. Ghosts of my past back to haunt me floating through walls. Grew up degenerate, pee on the floor in stalls. Life is simple, people are complicated, earth’s flat, life’s crowded. Introduce the unknown, mothership landed. If you’re scared, go to church, hope for prayers granted. He never answered mine and punished me. Maybe due to the foolish pride that entered me. Having bitches on all fours in their parent’s home until they roll over, shake and beg for the bone. Fuck it, I’m on this earth alone. Nothing’s sweet as desserts with the mascarpone and my real niggas know that. Crying over spilled milk, I thought you was a cool cat. Big boys don’t cry unless it’s about the money. Head in my hands, wondering if I’d lost my mind. Seen through the smoke, read between the thin white lines. I’d rather live fast and die young than live slow and die just whenever it comes. Only have cold feet when I’m a cadaver on ice. Fuck it. for me there probably ain’t no guiding light. I hope there’s sex and money in the afterlife because ain’t that what we all really want anyway? I know my time’s coming any day. Dancing with the devil, it’s all a game to me. Win or lose, the pleasure is to play, it’s all the same to me. What an epiphany. Woke up and smelled the turkey bacon. Won’t stop till I’ve eaten like I’m about to go into hibernation. Nowadays if they fam I don’t trust them within two feet of my vision. From a lost tribe like the Mohican. Axe swinging, last one standing, bruised but never beaten.

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