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Party on Wikipedia

A party is a social gathering.

Party may also refer to:


  • 1 As a common noun
  • 2 Film and TV
  • 3 Magazines
  • 4 Acronyms
  • 5 Music
    • 5.1 Albums
    • 5.2 Songs
  • 6 See also

As a common noun

  • Wedding party, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and sometimes other participants in a wedding
  • Political party, an organization that seeks to attain political power within a government
  • Party (law), a person or group of persons composing a single entity for the purposes of the law
  • Party (role-playing games), a group of game characters working together for a common purpose, generally comprising the player characters
  • party, a partition of the field in heraldry
  • Party chat, another name for cross-game chat, a term mainly used by Xbox Live

Film and TV

  • Party (1984 film), a 1984 Hindi film by Govind Nihalani
  • Party (1994 film), a 1994 short film starring Gary Coleman, Floyd Harden, DeAnna Hawkins, Ron Litman and Greg Nassief
  • Party (2001 film), an Iranian film starring Hedieh Tehrani
  • "Party", a 2007 episode of The Mighty Boosh
  • The Party (film), a 1968 comedy starring Peter Sellers


  • Party (magazine), a Chinese magazine created by Han Han


  • PARTY Program (Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth), an injury prevention model
  • PARTIES (Protected Area Run Time Interface Extension Services), a BIOS interface to access reserved areas on harddisks


  • Party (radio), a BBC Radio 4 comedy drama


  • Party (Iggy Pop album), (1981)
  • Party (Nick Swardson album), (2007)
  • Party (Pet Shop Boys album), (2009)
  • Party, by Bloodstone (1984)
  • Party, by Yellowman (1991)


  • "Party" (Beyoncé song)
  • "Party" (The Blue Hearts song)
  • "Party" (Chris Brown song)
  • "Party" (Christine Anu song)
  • "Party" (Girls' Generation song)
  • "Party" by Adore Delano, from the album Till Death Do Us Party
  • "Party" by Boston, from the album Don't Look Back
  • "Party" by The D4, from the album 6twenty
  • "Party" by Demi Lovato, from the album Don't Forget
  • "Party" by Elvis Presley, from the album Loving You
  • "Party" by Queen, from the album The Miracle
  • "Party" by Ringo Starr, from the album Ringo's Rotogravure
  • "Party", song by Rich Homie Quan

See also

  • Parti (disambiguation)
  • Partial (disambiguation)
  • Third party (disambiguation)
  • Expedition (disambiguation)
  • The Party (disambiguation)
  • Pity Party (disambiguation)
  • Shower (disambiguation)
  • First-party (disambiguation)
  • All pages beginning with "Party"
  • All pages beginning with "Parti", for non-English language political parties

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