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Beatles - Get Back (Version 2) (Apple Corps rooftop 1969)

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The Beatles on the Apple Corps rooftop 3 Savile Row, London. January 30, 1969

The Beatles' last-ever live public performance is this chaotic version of "Get Back", delivered from the roof of their Apple Corps headquarters on a blustery January day. Desperate to find an ending for their "Let It Be" documentary (a project mired in boredom and misery), director Michael Lindsay-Hogg suggested that the band play a few songs from this surprising  location.

The famous "rooftop concert" lasted 42 minutes and caused quite a commotion in a neighbourhood unused to impromptu appearances by rock legends. That's why we see some London bobbies threatening to shut down the gig; Mal Evans, the band's uber-roadie, actually turns off Lennon and Harrison's amps.

The song almost falls apart, but Harrison turns the amps back on and the band barrels ahead, augmented by some tasty keyboard work from their pal Billy Preston.
Near the end, Paul starts improvising lyrics inspired by their brush with the law: "You've been playing on the roofs again, and that's no good. Cause you know your Momma doesn't like that... She's gonna have you arrested."

Although the dissension within the group at that time has been well-documented, Lennon and McCartney seem to be having a ball wreaking sonic havoc on their neighbours.

Lindsay-Hogg got the dramatic conclusion he wanted; and four pissed-off multi-millionaires briefly recreated some of the on-stage anarchy that was their stock-in-trade back in Hamburg.

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