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Christina Aguilera - Imagine (Nowhere Boy premiere 2009)

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Imagine on Wikipedia

To imagine means to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through the five physical senses. This usage refers to the imagination.

Imagine may also refer to:


  • 1 Computing
  • 2 Film and television
  • 3 Games
  • 4 Horse racing
  • 5 Books and magazines
  • 6 Music
    • 6.1 Albums
    • 6.2 Songs
  • 7 See also


  • Imagine (3D modeling software), a 3D modeling and ray tracing program
  • Imagine Software (US), a developer of investment software

Film and television

  • Imagine: John Lennon, a 1988 documentary film
  • Imagine (1972 film), a 1972 film by John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  • Imagine (2012 film), a 2012 Polish film
  • Imagine Entertainment, a production company founded by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard
  • Imagine (TV series), a BBC arts show
  • Imagine TV, an Indian Hindi TV Channel that was closed in May 2012


  • Imagine (video game series), a series of Nintendo DS and Wii games
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine, a MMORPG
  • Imagine Software, a UK video game company

Horse racing

  • Imagine (horse), an Irish Thoroughbred racehorse

Books and magazines

  • Imagine (book), a book by Alan McCombes and Tommy Sheridan
  • Imagine (AD&D magazine), an adventure-games magazine
  • Imagine (educational magazine), an educational periodical for 7th-12th graders
  • Imagine Publishing, a UK-based magazine publisher
  • Imagine, a 1970s comics magazine published by Star Reach
  • Imagine, the journal of the Socialist Party of Canada


  • Imagine (Armin van Buuren album), 2008
  • Imagine (Eva Cassidy album), 2002
  • Imagine (John Lennon album), John Lennon, 1971
    • Imagine: John Lennon (soundtrack), 1988
  • Imagine (Mort Shuman album), 1976
  • Imagine, 1989 French language album by Sébastien El Chato
  • Imagine, 1993 album by Gonzalo Rubalcaba
  • Imagine, 1995 album by Keiko Lee
  • Imagine, 1996 album by Ofra Harnoy of Beatles arrangements on the cello
  • Imagine, 1997 album by 14 Karat Soul
  • Imagine, 2000 album by Aaron Benward
  • Imagine, 2004 album by Japanese hip hop singer Minmi
  • Imagine, 2005 album by Stride
  • Imagine, album by French vocal group Vox Angeli, 2008


  • "Imagine" (John Lennon song), 1971
  • "Imagine" (Tone Damli song), 2012
  • "I Can Only Imagine" (MercyMe song) (also known as "Imagine")
  • "Imagine", a song from the film Athena
  • "Imagine", a song from the film Flipper's New Adventure, sung by Chris Crosby
  • "Imagine", a song from Peter Sellers film The Bobo
  • "Imagine", a song by Argosy, Roger Hodgson discography, B-side to "Mr Boyd" 1969
  • "Imagine", a French song by Sébastien El Chato
  • "Imagine", a single by Daniël Sahuleka
  • "Imagine", a song by Snoop Dogg from Tha Blue Carpet Treatment
  • "Imagine", a song by Armin van Buuren from Imagine

See also

  • Imagine: How Creativity Works, a 2012 book by Jonah Lehrer
  • Imagine Communications, an Irish ISP and telephone operator
  • Imagine... A Fantasy in the Sky, a fireworks show at the Disneyland Resort in California, U.S.
  • Ikarus Imagine, a German hang glider design
  • Imaginary (disambiguation)
  • All pages beginning with "Imagine"
  • Imagen, a Puerto Rican fashion magazine
  • Imago (disambiguation), plural form imagines

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