Help Map the Music Video Web

When we started RockPeaks, our goal was a modest one: to organize and catalog the vast amount of live music video that began popping up on the web after the launch of YouTube in 2005.

Two years after our launch we’re about 75,000 clips in, but there are always more videos to add, review and share, and that’s where we could use your help.

We’ve created a set of tools that make it super-easy to contribute, which are described below.

Import a New Clip

Technically, clips are not really “imported” to RockPeaks, since they remain hosted on other sites and are simply embedded on our pages after we identify and annotate them as best we can.

So, with no uploading to worry about, we’ve made the importing process ridiculously easy, as you’ll see when you click on the Import button at left.

We support a variety of video sharing sites and are adding more all the time.

Locate Missing Clips

it’s sad but true: perfectly good videos often vanish from the web at a moment’s notice, whether taken down by their uploaders or removed by the powers that be.

If you come across a clip page on RockPeaks that is missing its video, take a moment to see if our handy dandy video search algorithm can locate another copy on the web. The next person who hits the page will thank you.

On the left side of this page, there’s also a link to a complete list of missing videos, which you can filter in various ways, by artist, show, or date, handy when you’re working on filling in a particular section of the site.

Create or Edit a Disc

While the streaming revolution is fast making physical media a thing of the past, collections of live music material continue to be released on DVD, and discs are a useful way to group a number of similar clips together in one place, if for no other reason than to easily load them as a RockPeaks playlist.

Using the Create disc tool at left, you can easily make a new disc, or order and edit the clips on an existing one.

Manage Artist or Show

This tool provides a handy way for site curators to locate info about artists on tour or shows in production. 


[ Contributor ] Track artists, build playlists, add clips and discs

[ Reviewer ]  Write clip reviews and submit featured playlists

[ Curator ]  Manage artist and show pages

[ Editor ]  All of the above, plus other site privileges

Creating an account on RockPeaks automatically makes you a Contributor. When you write your  first review youll earn the Reviewer badge; signing on to curate an artist or shows nets you the Curator badge. Exceptional contributors graduate to become site Editors.


All member activity on RockPeaks is logged and points are awarded for activities that help improve the quality of information on the site.

Top ranked members appear on the Leaderboard.

Here's how point totals are calculated:

Add/Edit Clip Source 2
Add/Edit Clip Category 1
Add/Edit Clip Production 1
Add/Edit Clip Title 1
Add/Edit Clip Date 1
Add/Edit Clip Artist 1
Add/Edit Clip Show 1
Add/Edit Shows Season/Episode 2
Add/Edit Wikipedia Entry 2
Upload New Clip Image 6
Review & Rate Clip 50
Add Clip to Disc 2
Create New Disc 10
Add/Edit Disc URL 1
Upload New Artwork Image 6
Add/Edit Artist Master Genre 1
Add Artist Secondary Genres 1
Add/Edit Artist Publicity Image 6
Add/Edit Artist Page Image 6
Add/Edit Artist Wiki Page 2
Curate an Artist Page 75
Add/Edit Show Copyright Info 1
Add/Edit Show Type 1
Add/Edit Show Image 6
Add/Edit Show Wiki Page 2
Curate a Show Page 75
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