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Peter Gzowski, with Flo and Eddie who often brought in LA talent
Peter Gzowski, with Flo and Eddie who often brought in LA talent

This was Peter Gzowski's late 70s foray into television. The consensus at the time was that the much-loved CBC radio personality didn't translate well on the tube (perhaps it was all those cigarettes) but the 90 Minutes Live material that has surfaced over the years tells a different story. Gzowski is by turns witty, intelligent, patient, unflappable, and above all Canadian, which is just how we like our TV hosts thank you very much.

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90 Minutes Live on Wikipedia
90 Minutes Live
Presented byPeter Gzowski
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Running time90 minutes
Original networkCBC
Original releaseApril 19, 1976 – May 12, 1978

90 Minutes Live was a Canadian television late-night talk show, which aired on CBC Television from April 19, 1976 to May 12, 1978. The program aired weekday evenings at 11:30 p.m.

Hosted by Peter Gzowski, the program was patterned after CBC Radio's This Country in the Morning, with both current affairs and entertainment features. Other personalities associated with the program included Allan Fotheringham, Rick Moranis, Andre Gagnon, Anne Ditchburn, Danny Finkleman, Valri Bromfield, John Harvard and Flo & Eddie.

The program was not successful with CBC audiences,[1][2] and was replaced in 1978 by Canada After Dark.[3]


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