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In our role as the Internet’s ultimate rock video aggregation service, we follow a strict set of guidelines when it comes to how we categorize video content and select what sources we will and won’t include in our database and reference on our pages.

(1) Primary Sources

We respect the rights of artists and copyright holders to profit from their intellectual property. If a video discussed on RockPeaks is legitimately available through any authorized channel, then that released version is the only one that site contributors will be permitted to reference when referring visitors to possible sources for obtaining a persistent copy of that media, either as part of a retail DVD, on-demand download or other commercially packaged format.

Primary commercial sources are identified as such by the use of the price tag icon:

(2) Secondary Sources

For material that has not been released commercially, contributors to RockPeaks may provide references to various online locations where more information might be found regarding how to obtain a non-commercial copy of the video under discussion. In selecting these 3rd party links, contributors must favour sites that follow a trade-friendly, pro-artist RoIO policy, and never link to auction sites or other places where unreleased material is sold for profit.

Secondary non-commercial sources are identified by the use of the white dove icon:

(3) Primary Streams

If a full-length streaming copy of a video clip is freely available through one or more web sites that are readily identifiable as being authorized to distribute that clip, then RockPeaks contributors will only link to one of these official sources when directing its visitors to view a non-persistent, free streaming source of the video material under discussion.

(4) Secondary Streams

If no authorized stream can be located, and the material under discussion has been posted to a 3rd party video sharing site and is freely available to all Internet users as a non-persistent video stream, then contributors are permitted to link to such a stream.

In such cases, RockPeaks relies on the policies and practices of the 3rd party hosting site to ensure that the linked material does not violate any intellectual property rights, and advises rights holders who find linked material on RockPeaks that they feel may be infringing to take the matter up with the originating hosting site. However, a mechanism is also provided to have offending embedded links removed from upon review by the site’s compliance officer, who may be contacted at compliance [at]

(5) Review Streams

If neither an authorized primary stream nor a 3rd party secondary stream can be located, and a verified site contributor signs on to review a video clip that they otherwise have no access to, then RockPeaks may, at its discretion, furnish the reviewer with a private stream of the clip, for a limited time frame, in order to facilitate the review process.

Review streams are strictly controlled by RockPeaks: they are available only to the reviewer on a password-protected page and are encoded in a low-resolution web format.  They are also served in a protected container that makes it difficult for them to be copied, and are watermarked in a manner that further discourages attempts to distribute them. Contributors are bound by the site’s terms of use to make use of a review stream for the one-time purpose of cultural criticism only, and those found to be in violation of this intended use will be banned from the site.

Upon submission and publication of the review, RockPeaks may elect to publish a short audiovisual excerpt of the reviewed clip, provided that no primary or secondary streaming source can be located. These excerpts are entirely promotional in nature, provide context for the accompanying critical discussion, and are limited to 30 seconds in length or 10% of the whole, whichever is shorter.

(6) Accuracy

Given that the commercial/non-commercial status of video content may change over time as material is variously licensed, syndicated, released, dropped from circulation etc… RockPeaks cannot guarantee and does not promise that the status information presented on the site is accurate at any given moment in time.

Moreover, given that much of the content on RockPeaks is user generated, and that contributors to the community may not always follow this code of conduct, RockPeaks cannot guarantee that all status information on the site is in strict accordance with these rules of conduct at all times.

However, RockPeaks pledges to take reasonable steps to enforce these guidelines, and to ban repeat offenders who do not observe this code of conduct.

RockPeaks also relies upon its community of visitors and contributors to help keep the database as up to date and accurate as possible by making use of the various tools that have been provided to flag and report inaccuracies and problems. However, RockPeaks makes no warranty that it will necessarily act on such visitor/contributor information in respect of any inaccuracies that may brought to its attention.



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