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At RockPeaks, it is our mission to help document, preserve, legitimize and promote the recorded history of rock and roll music as it has appeared on video, film and television. It is a responsibility we take seriously, both from a cultural and a legal point of view.

Beyond just tracking and reviewing who appeared on which show on what date, we do our utmost to identify both who holds the copyright for a given piece of footage, and where a sanctioned version of it can be viewed and/or commercially purchased.

It’s a challenging task given both the sheer volume of material that has been produced over the past 60+ years and the plethora of sources from which video can now be viewed, bought, streamed, downloaded, traded or shared. We do our best to keep up with the evolving distribution models and syndication strategies at play in the fast-moving world of online video, and our lawyers monitor the site to make sure we continue to operate within the letter of the law. 

If all the material referenced on our site were readily available through authorized channels, our task would be much simpler (and music fans in general would be much happier) but sadly, a lot of what has been recorded over the years has been left to languish, and it is often only through the efforts of private collectors and fans that much of the material discussed on this site has been preserved in a publicly accessible way at all.

It is our hope that by identifying, organizing and promoting our musical video heritage, RockPeaks will help accelerate the process of connecting current and future generations of music fans to high quality, legitimate copies of music video material that they will continue to love and cherish.

Through our Petition tool, we routinely collect signatures from our visitors and forward them to the appropriate parties in order to demonstrate that there is adequate consumer demand and therefore a good business case to be made for releasing the most popular unreleased material.

We also welcome enquires from artists and rights holders interested in partnering with us to provide authorized sources to the music-buying public. Please direct all enquiries to partnerships [at]

The four pages linked to above outline our practices and polices. We ask that all users of the site familiarize themselves with them.

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