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A Little More Love
Olivia Newton-John - A Little More Love (UK TV 1979)

Newton-John, Olivia | UK TV | 1979 ??-?? | Live PerformanceOlivia Newton John  My Blog is here.

Hello Mary Lou (Oldie: Mai 1972)
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Hello Mary Lou (Oldie: Mai 1972) (Musikladen 1979)

New Riders Of The Purple Sage | Musikladen | 1979 07-12 | Live PerformanceNew Riders of the Purple Sage - Hello Mary Lou 1972 Original by Ricky Nelson 1961 Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart Sweet Mary Lou, I'm so in love with you I knew Mary Lou, ...

Kentucky Avenue
Tom Waits - Kentucky Avenue (BBC TV 1979)

Waits, Tom | BBC TV | 1979 07-26 | Live PerformanceBBC July-26 79

Cotton Jenny
Gordon Lightfoot - Cotton Jenny (Soundstage 1979)

Lightfoot, Gordon | PBS Soundstage | 1979 09-?? | Live PerformanceCotton Jenny performed live by Gordon in the Soundstage concert 1979

Now I'm Here
Queen - Now I'm Here (Hammersmith 1979)

Queen | Hammersmith | 1979 12-26 | Live PerformanceQueen Live at Concert for People of Kampuchea 26-12-1979. Taken from "Live Killers - Through The Time & Space" DVD and "Crazy Tour 1979 - Live at Concert for ...

Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (Tour of Life 1979)

Bush, Kate | Tour of Life | 1979 ??-?? | Live PerformanceKate performs "Wuthering Heights" in Germany during "The Tour of Life" in 1979. Lyrics: Out on the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green. You ...

Ventura Highway
America - Ventura Highway (Central Park 1979)

America | America: Live in Central Park 1979 | 1979 ??-?? | Live PerformanceAt the end of the summer of 1979 renowned Australian documentary film maker Peter Clinton travelled to New York to film the final concert of America's world tour.

Head Over Heels In Love
Kevin Keegan - Head Over Heels In Love (Musikladen 1979)

Keegan, Kevin | Musikladen | 1979 07-12 | Mimed PerformanceKevin Keegan - Head over heels in love 1979 (written by Chris Norman and Pete Spencer) You make me a stranger that's what time can do baby you mean ev'rything to ...

Dire Straits - News (Rockpalast 1979)

Dire Straits | Rockpalast | 1979 02-16Dire Straits live in Rockpalast - Cologne, Germany. Februari 16th 1979. Now in HD! =) Enjoy!

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Knebworth Fair 1979)

Led Zeppelin | Knebworth Fair | 1979 08-11 | Live PerformanceKashmir Live At Knebworth England 1979.

Magic Mind
Earth Wind and Fire - Magic Mind (Nippon Budokan 1979)

Earth Wind and Fire | Nippon Budokan | 1979 03-28 | Live PerformanceAn example of how phenominal EWF are as a band and why they will forever remain a staple idea of R&B in the 70's.

Everyone's a Winner
Tina Turner - Everyone's a Winner (Apollo Theatre 1979)

Turner, Tina | Wild Lady of Rock | 1979 ??-?? | Live PerformanceTina Turner performing "Everyone's a Winner" during "Wild Lady of Rock N Roll" Concert.

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Apollo Theater 1979)

Joy Division | Apollo Theater | 1979 10-27 | Live PerformanceFrom the tape "Here are the young men" - Fact 37 some joy division live song between '79 and '80

What's the Matter Baby
Dire Straits - What's The Matter Baby (Rockpalast 1979)

Dire Straits | Rockpalast | 1979 02-16 | Live PerformanceDire Straits live in Rockpalast - Cologne, Germany. Februari 16th 1979. Now in HD! =) Enjoy! Sorry for the stuff in the beginning but it was necessary.

Pete Townshend - Drowned (Secret Policeman's Ball 1979)

Townshend, Pete | Secret Policeman's Ball | 1979 ??-?? | Live PerformancePete Townshend playing Drowned at "Secret Policeman's Ball" show

Since You've Been Gone
Cherie and Marie Currie - Since You've Been Gone (Musikladen 1979)

Cherie and Marie Currie | Musikladen | 1979 12-13 | Mimed PerformanceCherie & Marie Currie - Since you've been gone 1979 I get the same dreams Same time every night Fall to the ground and I wake up So I get out of bed Put on my ...

Do To Me
Smokie - Do To Me (Musikladen 1979)

Smokie | Musikladen | 1979 08-30 | Mimed PerformanceSmokie - Do to me 1979 If you find a new direction And if you feel that I'm the one Baby I'm too shy to mention The way you always turn me on If you need some ...

Blame It On the Boogie
Jackson Five - Blame It On the Boogie (Musikladen 1979)

Jackson Five | Musikladen | 1979 01-25 | Live PerformanceJackson Five (The Jacksons) - Blame it on the Boogie 1979 My baby's always dancin' And it wouldn't be a bad thing But I don't get no loving And ...

The Saints Rock N' Roll
Bill Haley - The Saints Rock N' Roll (England 1979)

Haley, Bill | England | 1979 03-?? | Live PerformanceBill Haley and his Comets perform "The Saints Rock n' Roll" on his penultimate visit to the UK in March 1979. The Comets on this tour were Steve Murray (drums), ...

Joe Jackson - Friday (Rock Goes To College 1979)

Jackson, Joe | Rock Goes to College | 1979 11-29 | Live PerformanceJoe Jackson and band live performance of Friday

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