There are 605 clips from "1987"

System of Survival
Earth Wind and Fire - System of Survival (Promo Videos from 1987 1987)

Earth Wind and Fire | Promo Videos from 1987 | 1987 ??-?? | Promo videoClick to subscribe: Listen to Earth, Wind & Fire on Spotify: Album's ...

One Step Ahead
Crowded House - One Step Ahead (Spring Break '87 1987)

Crowded House | Spring Break '87 | 1987 07-?? | Live PerformanceGreat live concert from the CH. Probably my favorite taped performance of all time of theirs. I was supposed to seem the live in Columbus Ohio opening for Bruce Hornsby and the ...

Johnny Strikes Up the Band
Warren Zevon - Johnny Strikes Up the Band (Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City, IA 1987)

Zevon, Warren | Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City, IA | 1987 10-14 | Live PerformanceRare, Warren in his golden years! To see the whole show, follow the link:

Sittin' On Top Of The World, Hey Pocky Way!
Grateful Dead - Sittin' On Top Of The World, Hey Pocky Way! (Oakland Coliseum 1987)

Grateful Dead | Coliseum | 1987 12-31The boys are doing sound check...playing Sitting on Top of the World... in the later days. They also work on Hey Pocky Way! Harry Popick can be seem walking on the stage with the ...

Don't Give Up
Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 1987)

Gabriel, Peter | Spectrum (arena) | 1987 07-20 | Live PerformancePeter Gabriel - Dont Give Up - Spectrum Philadelphia July 20th, 1987

Forgotten Town
Christians - Forgotten Town  (Top Of The Pops 1987)

Christians | Top of the Pops | 1987 ??-?? | Mimed Performance1987 Forgotten Town performance on Top of the Pops. Band Members: Garry Christian - Vocals Roger Christian - Vocals Russell Christian - Vocals/ Sax Henry Priestman - ...

True Faith
New Order - True Faith (Top Of The Pops 1987)

New Order | Top of the Pops | 1987 08-06 | Mimed Performance[Video] New Order - True Faith [totp2] (Wiggy St Helens UK 2008)

Shall We Gather At The River, with Mason Williams
Ken Kesey - Shall We Gather At The River, with Mason Williams (Oakland Coliseum 1987)

Kesey, Ken | Coliseum | 1987 12-31 | Live PerformanceFrom the Grateful Dead Concert at the Oakland Coliseum - between sets shortly before midnight, with Mason Williams. The sound is not perfectly synchronized.

I Found Love
Lone Justice - I Found Love (Old Grey Whistle Test 1987)

Lone Justice | Old Grey Whistle Test | 1987 02-25 | Live PerformanceOld Grey Whistle Test performance

Nutbush City Limits
Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits (Verona Arena 1987)

Turner, Tina | Verona Arena | 1987 ??-?? | Live PerformanceTwo brilliant songs from Tina's 1987 concert in Verona

Has success spoiled the Dead?
Grateful Dead - Has success spoiled the Dead? (So Far 1987)

Grateful Dead | So Far | 1987 09-?? | InterviewGrateful Dead Press Conference announcing their new video "So Far". From the David Stollak vault.

Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Smiths - Shoplifters Of The World Unite (Sanremo Festival 1987)

Smiths | Sanremo Festival | 1987 02-07 | Live PerformanceFrom Sanremo Festival (Italy, 1987)

Let the Good Times Roll
BB King - Let the Good Times Roll (Ebony Showcase Theatre 1987)

King, BB | Ebony Showcase Theatre | 1987 04-15 | Live PerformanceLive at Ebony Showcase Theatre in Los Angeles, April 15th 1987 0:00 - Why I Sing The Blues 5:45 - Please Send Me Someone To Love (w/Gladys Knight) 11:18 - The Thrill Is Gone ...

Happy When It Rains
Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains (Roxy 1987)

Jesus and Mary Chain | Roxy | 1987 12-04 | Mimed Performancemy favourite version of this song, way stronger than the album version (yeah this also dubbed). perfect. some glitches towers the end. Lyrics: Step back and watch the sweet ...

Like A Hurricane (with Crazy Horse)
Neil Young - Like A Hurricane (with Crazy Horse) (Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy 1987)

Young, Neil | Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy | 1987 05-05 | Live Performance

I'd Rather Go Blind — amazing vocal duet with Etta James
Dr John - I'd Rather Go Blind (Ebony Showcase Theatre 1987)

Dr John | Ebony Showcase Theatre | 1987 04-15 | Live PerformanceEtta James and Dr.Jonh performing Etta's "I'd Rather Go Blind (Blind Girl)"

In God's Country
U2 - In God's Country (Old Grey Whistle Test 1987)

U2 | Old Grey Whistle Test | 1987 03-08 | Live PerformanceLive at Belfast, Balmoral TV studios, 08/03/1987

So Emotional
Whitney Houston - So Emotional (Promo Videos from 1987 1987)

Houston, Whitney | Promo Videos from 1987 | 1987 11-12 | Promo videoWatch the official music video for "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston Listen to Whitney Houston: Subscribe to the official ...

Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy
Neville Brothers - Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy (Ohne Filter 1987)

Neville Brothers | Ohne Filter | 1987 06-13 | Live PerformanceNEVILLE BROTHERS (Ohne Filter Extra 1987)Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy

My Sweet Little 66
Steve Earle - My Sweet Little 66 (Way Off Broadway 1987)

Earle, Steve | Way Off Broadway | 1987 12-?? | Live PerformanceAnother unknown US chat show that I have from 1987 with Steve Earle performing Sweet Little 66 and My Old Friend the Blues and being hit on by the presenter during the interview!

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