MC5 1972 Beat-Club Recording Session


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This is a trade-friendly release. When last we checked, it could be downloaded from here.

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MC5 1972 Beat-Club Recording Session


1.Kick Out the Jams | MC5 | Beat-Club | 1972 03-??
2.Ramblin' Rose | MC5 | Beat-Club | 1972 03-??
3.Motor City is Burning | MC5 | Beat-Club | 1972 03-??
4.Tonight | MC5 | Beat-Club | 1972 03-??
5.Black to Comm | MC5 | Beat-Club | 1972 03-??


 Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

Here's another gem from Radio Bremen's vaults. A BIG thank you to Mr. Joerg "It's A Mistake" Sonntag for making this one available.

This one does not contain the officially released version of "Kick Out The Jams" (which you can watch here):

Not only that the audio is completely different, also the band's stage movements as well as their clothes differ (Dennis Thompson: sunglasses/orange coloured T-shirt vs. no sunglasses/black coloured T-shirt; Fred "Sonic" Smith with cap vs. without cap).

The session must have taken place after Michael Davis had left the band (Feb. 13, 1972) and before Beat Club #77 was aired (March 25, 1972).

Beat-Club Recording Session (Probably Incomplete)
Radio Bremen TV Studios, Bremen, Germany, Feb./March 1972
First aired January 31, 2009

ProShot MPEG PAL 16:9

Video: MPEG-2, 720x576 25 fps (16:9) PAL, 6395 kbps avg
Audio: MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, 48 kHz Stereo, 192 kbps

DigiSat BC (Astra DVB-S) >Kathrein UFS 821 >ts >USB >PC HDD >ProjectX v0.90.4 >m2v/mp2 >Cuttermaran v1.69a >m2v/mp2 >mplex v2.2.4 >mpg

Playtime: 28:32 min.

01 Kick Out The Jams
02 Ramblin' Rose
03 Motor City's Burning
04 Tonite
05 Black To Comm #1 & #2 //

Rob Tyner: v
Wayne Kramer: g
Fred "Sonic" Smith: g, v
Dennis Thompson: dr
Steve "Annapurna" Moorhouse: b (quit the band March 31, 1972)

Mind your karma! Never make any profit off this recording. Enjoy the music and share freely.

This recording is brought to you freely by
U:S:E -- Usual Suspects of Europe

-- Dedicated to all true anarchists --

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