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Jailbreak (Outdoors)
ACDC - Jailbreak (Outdoors) (Promo 1976)

AC/DC | Promo | 1976 ??-?? | Promo video

Casey Jones
Grateful Dead - Casey Jones (Saturday Night Live 1978)

Grateful Dead | Saturday Night Live | 1978 11-11 | Live PerformanceThe Dead are absolutely hopeless, no doubt about it.  They blow everything, from lines to gigs.  Fortunately, they were quite transcendent most nights that nothing ...

Mountains Of The Moon
Grateful Dead - Mountains Of The Moon (Playboy After Dark 1969)

Grateful Dead | Playboy After Dark | 1969 01-18 | Live PerformanceThis rock peak is so high you'll be flying through the mountains of the moon.  It's insanely great for about a hundred reasons . . . take your pick. How about ...

Can I Sit Next To You, Girl
ACDC - Can I Sit Next To You, Girl (Last Picture Show 1974)

AC/DC | Last Picture Show | 1974 07-?? | Live PerformanceMusic from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1974: AC/DC's promo-video for the debut single 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl' (July, 1974). Note: Before ...

My Sweet Lord
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (Concert for Bangladesh 1971)

Harrison, George | Concert for Bangladesh | 1971 08-01 | Live Performance

Big Mouth
Ian Hunter - Big Mouth (Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson 2007)

Hunter, Ian | Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson | 2007 06-12 | Live PerformanceIan Hunter performs Big Mouth from his great new cd Shrunken Heads on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on 2007-06-13.

Welcome to My Nightmare
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare (Muppet Show 1978)

Cooper, Alice | Muppet Show | 1978 03-28 | Live PerformanceAlice Cooper Performing on the Muppet Show 1978.(I Take No Credit For This Video)

Zoo Station
U2 - Zoo Station (Zoo TV Live from Sydney 1993)

U2 | Zoo TV Live from Sydney | 1993 11-27 | Live PerformancePuntata speciale di Notte Rock del 1993 dedicata agli U2. Contiene l'intro del concerto con Bush che dai videowall canta We will Rock You. Si può sentire in sottofondo la ...

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