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Incident at Neshabur
Santana - Incident at Neshabur (Night at the Family Dog 1970)

Santana | Night at the Family Dog | 1970 02-?? | Live Performance

Fire On The Mountain
Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (Dead Ahead 1980)

Grateful Dead | Dead Ahead | 1980 10-31 | Live Performance

To Lay Me Down
Grateful Dead - To Lay Me Down (Dead Ahead 1980)

Grateful Dead | Dead Ahead | 1980 10-31 | Live PerformanceWell, here's the complete version of this gem ! (To think that this was my first upload ...) 10-30-1980 Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY. Just Great !

Dancing in the Street
Grateful Dead - Dancing In The Street (Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco 1976)

Grateful Dead | Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco | 1976 07-12 | Live PerformanceSoundcheck from the 1st night of this 6 night run at the Orpheum Theatre which ended in the spectacular July 18th show ! In order : Dancin' in the Streets They Love Each ...

Mountains Of The Moon
Grateful Dead - Mountains Of The Moon (Playboy After Dark 1969)

Grateful Dead | Playboy After Dark | 1969 01-18 | Live PerformanceThis rock peak is so high you'll be flying through the mountains of the moon.  It's insanely great for about a hundred reasons . . . take your pick. How about ...

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