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I Shot The Sheriff
Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff (Crossroads Guitar Festival 2003)

Clapton, Eric | Crossroads Guitar Festival | 2003 ??-?? | Live PerformanceEric Clapton I shot the sheriff . Solo is amazing, one of the best I've seen by him

Eric Clapton - Cocaine (Behind The Sun tour 1985)

Clapton, Eric | Behind The Sun tour | 1985 ??-?? | Live PerformanceEric Clapton LIVE! It's a sick song. It's basically a music video.

the importance of diversity in music, according to Phil
Grateful Dead - the importance of diversity in music, according to Phil (Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2008)

Grateful Dead | Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival | 2008 ??-?? | InterviewAlan Light interviews Phil Lesh, famed bassist of the Grateful Dead, about all things music

Knotty Pine
Gordon Lightfoot - Knotty Pine (Ian and Sylvia Reunion Concert 1986)

Lightfoot, Gordon | Ian and Sylvia Reunion Concert | 1986 08-?? | Live PerformanceFrom the 1986 Ian and Sylvia reunion concert this came immediately after all 3 had sung Gordon's signature "Early Morning Rain" see youtube video ...

Sugar Magnolia
Dead - Sugar Magnolia (Late Show With David Letterman 2009)

Dead | Late Show with David Letterman | 2009 04-23 | Live PerformanceThe Dead are always looking for musical challenges. And boy, has TV been one of them! Here they seem to have gone for the, “Can we do our long solo-filled show-closer like the ...

Incident at Neshabur
Santana - Incident at Neshabur (Night at the Family Dog 1970)

Santana | Night at the Family Dog | 1970 02-?? | Live Performance

Fire On The Mountain
Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (Dead Ahead 1980)

Grateful Dead | Dead Ahead | 1980 10-31 | Live Performance

To Lay Me Down
Grateful Dead - To Lay Me Down (Dead Ahead 1980)

Grateful Dead | Dead Ahead | 1980 10-31 | Live PerformanceWell, here's the complete version of this gem ! (To think that this was my first upload ...) 10-30-1980 Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY. Just Great !

Dancing in the Street
Grateful Dead - Dancing In The Street (Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco 1976)

Grateful Dead | Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco | 1976 07-12 | Live PerformanceSoundcheck from the 1st night of this 6 night run at the Orpheum Theatre which ended in the spectacular July 18th show ! In order : Dancin' in the Streets They Love Each ...

Mountains Of The Moon
Grateful Dead - Mountains Of The Moon (Playboy After Dark 1969)

Grateful Dead | Playboy After Dark | 1969 01-18 | Live PerformanceThis rock peak is so high you'll be flying through the mountains of the moon.  It's insanely great for about a hundred reasons . . . take your pick. How about ...

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