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The Money Shuffle / Stumble On / Demons In Her Dancing Shoes
Richard Thompson - The Money Shuffle / Stumble On / Demons In Her Dancing Shoes (NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert 2011)

Thompson, Richard | NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert | 2011 02-01 | Live PerformanceWith his honest songs about politics and love, always dispensed with hard-biting wit, Thompson has been a consistently vital artist for decades. Watch the singer, songwriter and ...

Live Set Performance
Richard Thompson - Live Set Performance (KRCW 2011)

Thompson, Richard | KRCW | 2011 04-27 | Live Performance

I Misunderstood
Richard Thompson - I Misunderstood (KCRW 2011)

Thompson, Richard | KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic | 2011 04-27 | Live Performancemb110427cover.jpgRolling Stone magazine ranked Richard Thompson one of the 20 best guitar players of all time. He's also one of Britain's finest singer-songwriters. ...

Tear Stained Letter
Richard Thompson - Tear Stained Letter (Old Grey Whistle Test 1984)

Thompson, Richard | Old Grey Whistle Test | 1984 03-23 | Live PerformanceRT on Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984

A Heart Needs A Home
Richard and Linda Thompson - A Heart Needs A Home (Old Grey Whistle Test 1975)

Richard and Linda Thompson | Old Grey Whistle Test | 1975 03-?? | Live Performance"A Heart Needs A Home"

Late November
Sandy Denny - Late November (Singer Songwriters at the BBC 1971)

Denny, Sandy | Singer Songwriters at the BBC | 1971 ??-?? | Live PerformanceSandy Denny live in 1971 playing Late November

Remember, O Thou Man (with Judity and Debra)
Richard Thompson - Remember, O Thou Man (with Judity and Debra) (Black Cab Sessions 2009)

Thompson, Richard | Black Cab Sessions | 2009 01-10 | Live PerformanceRichard and his two singing playing band members, Judith and Debra, crush into the cab with guitar, leg-strapped bells and drum.

I'll Never Give It Up
Richard Thompson - I'll Never Give It Up (Later With Jools Holland 2007)

Thompson, Richard | Later... with Jools Holland | 2007 11-09 | Live PerformanceRT & band performing a powerful version of 'I'll Never Give It Up' on 'Later With Jools Holland' in 2007.

Cropredy Capers / Frog Up The Pump
Fairport Convention - Cropredy Capers / Frog Up The Pump (Rockpalast 1976)

Fairport Convention | Rockpalast | 1976 03-23 | Live PerformanceNB: Better quality version of this video now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3_LzDmOKHg ! Another real rarity with low and variable sound quality (maybe a little less so than ...

Going To Need Somebody
Richard and Linda Thompson - Going To Need Somebody (Rockpalast 1980)

Richard and Linda Thompson | Rockpalast | 1980 01-10 | Live PerformanceRichard & Linda with band performing 'You're Going To Need Somebody' in Hamburg, Germany in 1980.

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