Director: Sebastian Mlynarski


There are 2 clips tagged as "Director: Sebastian Mlynarski"

I'm In Love
Noonie Bao - I'm In Love  (Promo Videos from 2015 2015)

Noonie Bao | Promo Videos from 2015 | 2015 04-29 | Promo videoYou may not think you’re familiar with Noonie Bao, but you’ve definitely heard her hooks. The Swedish singer co-wrote four tracks of Charli XCX’s LP Sucker—including ...

We Shall Not Disappear
MAYa - We Shall Not Disappear (Promo Videos from 2014 2014)

MAYa | Promo Videos from 2014 | 2014 02-25 | Promo video3rd video from the 'a' EP Directed by Sebastian Mlynarski Feb ...

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