Director: Charles Officer


There are 3 clips tagged as "Director: Charles Officer"

Blackstar Rising
Kae Sun - Blackstar Rising  (Promo Videos from 2014 2014)

Kae Sun | Promo Videos from 2014 | 2014 02-04 | Promo videoofficial music video kae sun blackstar rising (P) (C) 2014 CDF Produzioni STOP piracy. iTunes: ...

Spring to Come
Digging Roots - Spring to Come (Promo Videos from 2009 2009)

Digging Roots | Promo Videos from 2009 | 2009 10-06 | Promo videoProduced by Big Soul Productions Directed by Charles Officer

Rolling Stone
Reuben and the Dark - Rolling Stone (Promo Videos from 2014 2014)

Reuben and the Dark | Promo Videos from 2014 | 2014 03-04 | Promo videoFrom Reuben and the Dark's debut full length album Funeral Sky, available now: Reuben and the Dark on tour: ...

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