Director: Andrew de Freitas


There are 2 clips tagged as "Director: Andrew de Freitas"

Reality And A Clue
Cool Rainbows - Reality And A Clue (Promo Videos from 2012 2012)

Cool Rainbows | Promo Videos from 2012 | 2012 08-31 | Promo videoDigital Download: CD and Vinyl: Video produced by Newfoundland Tack | ...

Southern Summer Sun
Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun (Promo Videos from 2011 2011)

Cool Rainbows | Promo Videos from 2011 | 2011 12-18 | Promo videoAvailable for free at Southern Summer Sun is the first single from the forthcoming debut album "Whale Rocket" by Cool Rainbows. ...

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