Live vocal w. backing track


There are 144 clips tagged as "Live vocal w. backing track"

48 Crash
Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash (Musikladen 1978)

Quatro, Suzi | Musikladen | 1978 10-31 | Live vocal w. backing trackKnaller Movie!

The Free Electric Band
Albert Hammond - The Free Electric Band (Musikladen 1973)

Hammond, Albert | Musikladen | 1973 10-03 | Live vocal w. backing trackAlbert Hammond - Free Electric Band 1973 My father is a doctor, he's a familiary man, My mother works for charity whenever she can, And they're both good clean ...

Who Ever Told You
Chi Coltrane - Who Ever Told You (Musikladen 1974)

Coltrane, Chi | Musikladen | 1974 01-23 | Live vocal w. backing trackChi Coltrane - Who ever told you 1974 Who ever told you that you know how to dance? You move on the floor but you havn't got a chance. You got your hands in your ...

Thunder And Lightning
Chi Coltrane - Thunder And Lightning (Musikladen 1973)

Coltrane, Chi | Musikladen | 1973 02-21 | Live vocal w. backing trackChi Coltrane - Thunder and lightning 1973 Oooh! What a good thing I've got Oooh it's such a good thing I've got I don't think I can stand it It's ...

You're A Lady
Peter Skellern - You're A Lady (Musikladen 1973)

Skellern, Peter | Musikladen | 1973 01-10 | Live vocal w. backing trackPeter Skellern - You're a Lady 1973 Now the evening has come to a close And I've had my last dance with you On to the empty streets we go And it might be my chance ...

Hansje - Automobile (Musikladen 1979)

Hansje | Musikladen | 1979 08-30 | Live vocal w. backing trackHansje - Automobile 1979

I Love You More Than My Wife
Timothy Touchton - I Love You More Than My Wife (Musikladen 1978)

Touchton, Timothy | Musikladen | 1978 06-01 | Live vocal w. backing trackTimothy Touchton - I love you more than my wife 1978

If You Can't Give Me Love
Suzi Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love (Musikladen 1978)

Quatro, Suzi | Musikladen | 1978 03-23 | Live vocal w. backing trackSuzi Quatro - If you can't give me love 1978 Well, I´ve seen you before on the discoteque floor You were driving me out of my mind Oh, but I could it swore that I ...

Come Back My Love
Darts - Come Back My Love (Musikladen 1978)

Darts | Musikladen | 1978 03-23 | Live vocal w. backing trackDarts - Come back my love 1978 Come back my love, dont go away Come back my love, come back to stay I love you so and I want you to know, I need your love so badly Come ...

Glad All Over
Dead End Kids - Glad All Over (Musikladen 1977)

Dead End Kids | Musikladen | 1977 12-03 | Live vocal w. backing trackDead End Kids - Glad all over 1977 Original by The Dave Clark Five 1963 You say that you love me All of the time You say that you need me You'll always be mine ...

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