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My Life (early version of Just Like Starting Over)
John Lennon - My Life (early version of Just Like Starting Over) (early demo 1978)

Lennon, John | early demo | 1978 ??-?? | Historical Audio

St. Louis Blues
Louis Armstrong - St. Louis Blues (Columbia recording 1954)

Armstrong, Louis | Columbia recording | 1954 ??-??Louis Armstrong with Velma Middleton & His All Stars - Saint Louis Blues Album: Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy Year: 1954 Label: Columbia

Rhiannon (early Stevie solo)
Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (early Stevie solo) (pre-Fleetwood Mac demo 1974)

Fleetwood Mac | pre-Fleetwood Mac demo | 1974 ??-??Stevie singing "Rhiannon"

Rhiannon (early solo demo)
Stevie Nicks - Rhiannon (early solo demo) (pre-Fleetwood Mac demo 1974)

Nicks, Stevie | pre-Fleetwood Mac demo | 1974 ??-?? | Historical AudioStevie singing "Rhiannon"

Neal Cassady raps with The Boys
Grateful Dead - Neal Cassady raps with The Boys (Straight Theater, San Francisco 1967)

Grateful Dead | Straight Theater, San Francisco | 1967 07-23Neal Cassady...neal cassady....neal cassady. Who were you, the bright spark On The Road and On The Bus, the stoned driver, a DayGlo pirate with a head full of acid..... This ...

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