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Wolf Eyes on Wikipedia
Wolf Eyes
Wolfeyes1.jpgWolf Eyes in Glasgow in 2006
Background information
OriginAnn Arbor, Michigan, U.S.
GenresNoise, noise rock, experimental, abstract , post-industrial, dark ambient
Years active1996–present
LabelsSub Pop
MembersNate Young
John Olson
Jim Baljo
Past membersAaron Dilloway (1999–2005)
Mike Connelly (2005-2012)

Wolf Eyes is a post-industrial/noise band from Detroit, Michigan, United States.


Wolf Eyes began as a solo project of former Nautical Almanac member Nate Young. Aaron Dilloway joined in 1998 while also playing with John Olson in Universal Indians. Olson occasionally performed with Wolf Eyes under the Spykes moniker and joined Wolf Eyes in 2000 after Universal Indians disbanded.

In 2005, Aaron Dilloway left Wolf Eyes, disinterested in extensive touring. Mike Connelly (of Hair Police, Failing Lights and Clay Rendering) replaced Dilloway, appearing first on their 2006 album Human Animal. Dilloway did some production work on Human Animal.[1] He has performed with them on at least two occasions (Empty Bottle Chicago, IL 2/25/2006 and No Fun Fest Brooklyn, NY 3/18/2006).

It was announced in February 2013 that Mike Connelly has left the group to concentrate on his solo work and Hair Police. He was replaced in the lineup by another Michigan musician Jim Baljo.[2] Both Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly appeared on the 2013 album No Answer: Lower Floors.

The group has released over 100 recordings in their relatively short lifespan. Official releases have appeared on labels including but not limited to Hanson Records, Bulb Records, American Tapes, Fusetron, De Stijl Records, Sub Pop, Troubleman Unlimited, AA Records, Gods of Tundra, Freedom From, and Hospital Productions. Wolf Eyes' first two major tours were with Sonic Youth and Andrew W.K. They have collaborated with Anthony Braxton, Black Dice, Double Leopards, John Wiese, Mammal, Prurient, and Smegma.[3]

Reception and influence

Journalist Marc Masters discerns the influence of "the dirge of Swans, the clang of Einstürzende Neubauten, even the dark hardcore of the Misfits" on the group's sound.[4]

In an article for Spin Magazine, Henry Rollins named member John Olson's noise bands in a column about his 5 favorite bands stating "The guy has over 1,000 releases on his label, and I have almost 700 of them. I have a great deal of time for all of these noise terrorists — it's modern avant-meets-stoners in a basement...." [5]

Fred Thomas of AllMusic observed


Most Wolf Eyes recordings are self-released, following the DIY tradition of bands such as Smegma. Their first major release was Dread, released on the American Tapes and Hanson Records labels but distributed through Bulb Records. Other major releases include Dead Hills on Troubleman Unlimited as well as Burned Mind and Human Animal on Sub Pop. Most Wolf Eyes recordings are released as either lathe cuts, cassettes, or CD-rs.

Aaron Dilloway

  • The Nevari Butchers
  • Spine Scavenger
  • The Beast
  • The Beast People
  • Casket Sinkers
  • Coyote Ugly
  • Dead Air
  • Have You Seen The Shining?
  • Isis & Werewolves
  • Miscarriage
  • Scare Supply
  • Synth Jerkshop
  • Tornado Boys
  • Ugly Museum
  • Universal Indians
  • Violent Ramp

John Olson

  • Graveyards
  • Handicapper Horns
  • Dead Machines
  • Waves
  • Demoon Skirt
  • Full Scales
  • Cardboard Sax
  • Dead Comet Alive
  • Pool Water
  • The Man Who Ate Himself
  • Spykes
  • Community Mental Health
  • Dead Brain
  • D.L. Savings T.X
  • DJ Coorz, Dwelling Unit
  • Exhumanations
  • Guam River Yellow Philharmonic
  • Infecto, Kegcharge
  • Latrine Psychology Guild
  • Madness
  • Medical Lake
  • Noh Humans
  • Oil Of Beauty / Liquid Beauty
  • Other Outlets
  • Rounder
  • Seance Armories & Cast Mind
  • Skanatel Attack
  • Solvent People
  • Uncreated
  • Unusable Signal
  • Weapons
  • Words Of The Incryption Convict
  • Basket Case
  • Bass Face
  • The Beast
  • Birth Refusal
  • Boy Department Boyz
  • Cape God
  • Casket Sinkers
  • Cass Chamber
  • Coffee
  • Commune Ills
  • Coyote Ugly
  • Dead Air
  • Death K.C.O.M.M.
  • Dirty Dynamite Gang
  • Enemy Brains
  • The Farwood Duo
  • Fountain Of Youth
  • Frying Membrane Boyz
  • Have You Seen The Shining?
  • Henry & Hazel Slaughter
  • Kill Devil Hill
  • Lake Bottoms
  • Local Disorder
  • Miscarriage
  • Mongoloid Men
  • Paekong Mae's Integer & Real Fathom Band
  • Plague Bells
  • Plants
  • R.I.P Randy California R.S.V.P Band
  • Regional Sewer District
  • Scare Supply
  • The Slathered
  • Steel Forest
  • Syndromes
  • Synth Jerkshop
  • Thin Ensemble
  • Tornado Boys
  • Ugly Museum
  • Universal Indians
  • Violent Ramp
  • Warning Sign
  • Zero Percent Interest
  • Stare Case

Nate Young

  • Demons
  • Hatred
  • Regression
  • Waste Ground
  • Jean Street
  • Stare Case
  • Moon Pool & Dead Band

Mike Connelly

  • Hair Police
  • The Haunting
  • Birth Refusal
  • Failing Lights
  • Cove
  • General Assurance
  • Fail Sick
  • Lasting Hunt
  • New Device
  • Stoning
  • Under Cloven Spell
  • Zombi
  • Clay Rendering


  • Wolf Eyes cass (Hanson)


  • Heatwave cass (Hanson)


  • split w/ Nautical Almanac LP (Hanson)


  • Fortune Dove split w/ Andrew W.K. 12" (Bulb)
  • Wulf Eys / Andy W. Krier cass (Meatball)
  • Live Summer '00 cass (American Tapes)
  • With Spykes CD-R (Hanson)
  • Half Dogs CD-R (American Tapes)


  • Egypt Skull CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Wolf Eyes CD (Bulb)
  • split w/ Metalux cass (Spite)
  • Live Vol. 1 CD-R (Little Hands)
  • Moral Witchcraft CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll cass (American Tapes)
  • Untitled aka Dubbed At Ft. Thunder cass (Hanson)
  • Fuck Cleveland CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Scowl CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 2 cass (American Tapes)
  • Technical Difficulties CD-R (Little Hands)
  • Sandpapered Eyes CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Dread LP (Hanson/American Tapes) (reissued on CD in 2002 on Bulb label)
  • split w/ Old Bombs CD-R (Betley Welcomes...)
  • Droll Vol. 3 double cass (American Tapes)
  • Throat Virus Alive CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Not Out Laws 3"CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Not Our Laws Vol. 2 3 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 4 cass (American Tapes)
  • Black Aroma CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Slicer cass (Hanson) (reissued on CD in 2002 on Hanson label)
  • Chimes in Black Water w/ Black Dice CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Music for Valie Export CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 5 cass (American Tapes)
  • Early Vol. 1 cass (Hanson)
  • Y'all Must Be Really Mad at Something CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 7 cass (American Tapes)


  • split w/ Crack 12" (F-Cute)
  • Black Rat Floods 3"CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Dead Hills 3" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 6 cass (American Tapes)
  • Live at Bulb CD-R (Bulb)
  • "Cut The Dog" b/w "Friday the 13th" 7" (American Tapes)
  • Possession Tissues 4 x CD-R boxset (American Tapes)
  • Uglied CD-R (Polyamory)
  • Snake Transmitters CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Fuck Pete Larsen LP (Bad Glue) (reissued on CD in 2004 on Wabana label)
  • Droll Vol. 8 cass (American Tapes)
  • "Powerless" one-sided 7" (American Tapes)
  • Interminal Bleedings CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Strangulation Tank CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Throats Filled With Concrete CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Dead Hills CD / picture LP (Troubleman)
  • Chimes in Black Water Vol. 2 w/ Black Dice CD-R (American Tapes)


  • Droll Vol. 9 cass (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 11 cass (American Tapes)
  • "Dry Sockets" one-sided 7" (American Tapes)
  • Strangled in Filth CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Community Mental Health CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Star Burke CD-R & tape & 7" (no label)
  • Fuck Birmingham cass (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol. 12 cass (American Tapes)
  • Mugger CD-R (Hanson)
  • Covered in Bugs DVD-R (Hanson)
  • Chimes in Black Water Vol. 3 w/ Black Dice CD-R (American Tapes)
  • split w/ Smegma cass (American Tapes)
  • Biles CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Recycled cass (RRRecords)
  • Undertakers Vol. 1 cass (Since 1972)
  • Undertakers Vol. 2 cass (Polyamory)
  • Punx Mafia AHOY! split w/ Pengüin Lüst LP (American Tapes)
  • Fuck the Old Miami 3" CD-R (Chondritic Sound) (reissued on LP in 2005 on Important Records)
  • split w/ Emil Beaulieau anti-7" (RRRecords)
  • Asylum Style Part 2 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Untitled presto lathe-cut 10" (no label)
  • Untitled w/ Black Dice LP (Fusetron)
  • Untitled w/ John Wiese 7" (American Tapes)
  • The Beast w/ Smegma LP/CD (De Stijl)
  • Droll Vol. 13 cass (American Tapes)


  • Droll Vol. 14 cass (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 3 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 4 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Live Scum CD-R (Hanson)
  • Fuck the Firesidebowl CD-R (Audiobot)
  • "Depth Charges" one-sided 7" (American Tapes)
  • Undertakers Vol. 3 cass (Gods of Tundra)
  • Asylum Style 5 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Stabbed in the Face 12" (Sub Pop)
  • with John Wiese Two CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol 15 cass (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol 16 cass (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 6 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Burned Mind CD (Sub Pop) & LP (Hanson / American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol 17 cass (American Tapes)
  • Stabbed In The Face split 12" with Panicsville (Nihilist)
  • Dog Jaw CD-R (Heresee)
  • Lost Sockets 10" (Crippled Intellect)
  • Fuck The Pigs CD-R (no label)
  • with Double Leopards Breeding Turbines cass (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 7 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll Vol 18 cass (American Tapes)


  • Droll Vol 10 3 x cassette set American Tapes (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 8 CD-R American Tapes (American Tapes)
  • Breeding Turbines Vol. 2 (with Double Leopards) CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Droll 19 cass American Tapes (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style Ten 6 x CD-R set American Tapes (American Tapes)
  • Lung Malfunction (Gods of Tundra)
  • Deranged CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • Live!!! (with Hair Police) cass (Purple Stuff)
  • Live At Banfields East CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Human Slaughterhouse Demos CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Buried By Fog CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • River of Haze CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • Rotting Remains 8" lathe cut (Kning Disk)
  • Asylum Style 9 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Asylum Style 10 6 CD-R set (American Tapes)
  • Wolf Eyes / Prurient LP (Gods of Tundra)
  • The Warriors (with Prurient) CD (Hospital)
  • The Value of An Empty Body part 1 cass (American Tapes)
  • The Value of An Empty Body part 2 cass (American Tapes)
  • Untitled 7" lathe (Aryan Asshole)
  • Slam Section cass (Fag Tapes)
  • Nightmares in XXXmas 2 x CD-R (American Tapes)


  • Live Corruption cass (Gods of Tundra)
  • Six Arms And Sucks (Live In Porto) CD-R (Esquilo)
  • River Slaughter 2XLP (Hospital Productions)
  • Black Vomit (with Anthony Braxton) CD (Victo)
  • Stained Lines CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Yes, I Am Your Angel split LP with The Skull Defekts (Fang Bomb)
  • Guillotine Keys one-sided LP (Ultra Eczema)
  • The Driller Live in San Francisco CD-R (Enterruption)
  • Strangle Rations CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Tests From The Comfort Zone CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • The Black Plague split w/ Grey Daturas CD (Heathen Skulls)
  • Driller b/w Psychogeist 12" (Sub Pop)
  • Human Animal CD/LP (Sub Pop)
  • Wolf Eyes (Live in Toronto) CD-R (Sub Pop)
  • Live Frying: Chicago CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Tin Coffin 2 2CD-R+cass (American Tapes)
  • Wheels Of Confusion Vol.1 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Wheels Of Confusion Vol.2 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Wheels Of Confusion Vol.3 CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Manchester Is Dead CD-R (Gods Of Tundra)


  • Black Wing Over The Sand CD/LP (Kning Disk)
  • Shattered cass (Hospital Productions)
  • Hell Made Man CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Made Hell Man CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Man Made Hell CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Time of Clearing CD-R (American Tapes)
  • Vacuum CD-R (Gods Of Tundra)
  • Wolf Eyes / Spykes / Failing Lights / Nate Young 2xLP (Troubleman Unlimited)
  • Intrusion CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • Claustrophobic CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • Tin Coffin Three 2xCD 1xCass (American Tapes)
  • "Dogs On Stage" CD-R (8mm)
  • "Live at Oberlin" DVD (AA Records)


  • "Hypnotic Brutality" live performance film (Subliminal Films)
  • "There Is A Part Of Me You Will Never Know" LP (with Sickness) (Hospital Productions)
  • "Back to Attack" 2xCD-R 1xCass (American Tapes)
  • "Garbage Plate" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Garbage Plate 2" CD-R(American Tapes)
  • "Nuisance" CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • "Live Frying: PDX/Sacto" cass (American Tapes)


  • "Live In Cleveland" CD-R (Mistake By The Lake/Everyone Else Has A Record Label, So Why Can't I?)
  • "A Mast on No Shore" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Completely Wrong/Variations On The Bottomless Pit" 2xCD-R (AA Records)
  • "Attack to Black" 2xCD-R 2xCass (American Tapes)
  • "I'm a Problem 1" cass (American Tapes)
  • "I'm a Problem 2" cass (American Tapes)
  • "Impersonal, Amplified, Unknown" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Moods in Free Time" CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • "Moods in Free Time vol. 2" CD-R (Gods of Tundra)
  • "Always Wrong" CD (Hospital Productions)


  • "Hygiene Chamber" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Statues Are Active" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "All Identical, None Complete" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Mind In Pieces" CD-R+cass (American Tapes)
  • "Sept 3" cass (American Tapes)
  • "No Matter" CD-R (AA Records)
  • "Swollen Advantage 5/5/10" Lathe, 5", S/Sided + CD-R


  • "Live Utrecht" CD-R


  • "Wolf Eyes / Hunting Lodge w/ Apetechnology - @ Destroy Compound" CD-R/cass (Destroy)
  • "Richard Pinhas, Merzbow, Wolf Eyes - Victoriaville Mai 2011" CD (Les Disques Victo)
  • "Log Jam" 3xCD-R (American Tapes)


  • "No Answer: Lower Floors" (De Stijl)
  • "Live Frying: Live Brooklyn 2013" CD-R (American Tapes)
  • "Live Frying: Live Germany 2013" CD-R (American Tapes)


  • "Live Frying: Live" CD-R (American Tapes)


  • I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces (Third Man)


  • Undertow (Lower Floor Music)


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External links

  • Official website
  • AA Records (Nate Young's record label)
  • Gods of Tundra (Mike Connelly's record/tape label)
  • American Tapes (John Olson's record/tape label)
  • Interview with Wolf Eyes' John Olson, ARTNOISE 2005
  • Hanson Records (noise label of former member Aaron Dilloway)
  • Wolf Eyes Live Review

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