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Inner Harbour (feat. Dan McLean Jr.)
Jack Connolly - Inner Harbour (feat. Dan McLean Jr.) (Free Times Cafe (Toronto, ON) 2010)

Connolly, Jack | Free Times Cafe (Toronto, ON) | 2010 05-28 | Live PerformanceJack Connolly & Dan McLean Jr at The Free Time's Cafe, May 28th 2010. Inner Harbour is on Jack's upcoming CD Soulcraft

Ride No Hands
Jack Connolly - Ride No Hands (C'est What (Toronto, ON) 2011)

Connolly, Jack | C'est What (Toronto, ON) | 2011 06-21 | Live PerformanceI was so proud to play with these guys at C'est What on June 21st. This was our first gig as a band and we played to a packed house and had a lot of fun. This is an original ...

Anyone Who Wishes
Jack Connolly - Unknown Song (Unknown 2012)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2012 08-15 | Live Performance

Lightning Strike
Jack Connolly - Lightning Strike (Symposium Cafe (Burlington, ON) 2013)

Connolly, Jack | Symposium Cafe (Burlington, ON) | 2013 04-06 | Live PerformanceMy last set at Symposium in Burlington was an epic length because people were lingering over their (amazing) food but at closing time I still wasn't done. When the staff ...

Working Man (Rita MacNeil cover)
Jack Connolly - Working Man (Rita MacNeil cover) (Unknown 2013)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2013 04-23 | Live PerformanceIf being cool is about being true to what you believe and sticking to your guns when the odds are against you, Rita MacNeil was the coolest. This song was part of my very first ...

You, Without Your Make Up On
Jack Connolly - You, Without Your Make Up On (Unknown 2014)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2014 07-17 | Live PerformanceLive performance of a song to be included on my new record "Great Big Soul"

Sea of Heartbreak
Jack Connolly - Sea of Heartbreak (Unknown 2014)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2014 07-17 | Live PerformanceOne of our favourite old country songs live from Nathan's living room!

Saying Goodbye
Jack Connolly - Saying Goodbye (Unknown 2014)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2014 03-07 | Live PerformanceI was standing on the porch of the place I was living in Abbotsford, BC in the early morning when the first verse and chorus came to me. I thought they were for two different ...

Badlands (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Jack Connolly - Badlands (Bruce Springsteen cover) (Unknown 2014)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2014 03-07 | Live PerformanceOne of my favourite Bruce Springsteen songs. Usually it's a big huge rock song so I did a bit work to make it work just me an' my gui-tar.

Beautiful With You
Jack Connolly - Beautiful With You (Unknown 2014)

Connolly, Jack | Unknown | 2014 02-27 | Live Performance

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